Bad but, what is your dog's favorite people-treat?

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  1. I know we should only feed dogs doggie food- or people food prepared for dogs. We are usually pretty good about this (we feed EaglePack and Innova).

    However, once in a while the girls get a people treat. :shame:

    For some reason my Rotten One *loves* milk, cream, eggnog (doh!)!!

    And my Weimie *adores* bread to the point where she tries to steal it off counters (ack)!!!

    What 'bad food' does your doggie crave??? ;)
  2. LOL My Chihuahuas are NOT picky--they love it (lettuce, cheese, etc) as long as it came off of a "people plate"!!
  3. My dog loves bread..LOL..any kind of roll...etc..Plus hamburgers.
  4. This is going to sound disgusting but in Iceland we have our own kind of haggis that is an old traditional icelandic food. We have two kinds, one that is liver and fat mixed together and another one that is a mixture of blood, oatmeal and fat. Those are then sowed in a sheeps stomach and boiled. The dogs and my husband love the liver one. They eat it together cold, cut in slices with butter :throwup: I can't stay in the same room with them when they do :Push:
  5. She loves FROZEN bread - way more than any dog treats we've ever given her!
  6. My three babies love anything they can grab off the counter. LOL! Last night, my boy Keeshond, Casey, grabbed a huge slab of turkey off the plate while I was trying to make a sandwich! All my dogs love meat and sweets. Fruit and vegetables aren't a big favorite with them, although they will eat them "just because they're for people". They also love to eat my cats' food!
  7. They just had leftovers from last night's roast pork and loved it!
  8. My dogs just love any human food, if I have pasta I always do them a little bowl of it to
  9. my dog loves cheese ravioli with pesto sauce. it's the weirdest thing. she'll bark at the stove while it's cooking, it's her absolute favorite thing to eat.
  10. I grew up with Spanish/Mexican Grandparents and whenever we had chorizo or chicharones Dad would leave the HOUSE! LOL

    The dogs would always beg for it though :graucho:

    They must love that really flavorful stuff!!

  11. My baby would eat anything we eat but we only feed her the 'healthy' human food like vegetables and fruits, occassionally a bit of meat but only after we've removed the salt and grease as much as we can.:P
  12. cheese and leftover meats
  13. Well besides any sort of meat that we have given them, the oldest of my three cats likes ice cream... only vanilla or strawberry flavored though. She never gets a lot and we rarely let her have a lick or two, but she stares at us when we eat it!
  14. Teddy grahams cookies!
  15. pizza crust. and leftover scrambled eggs.