Bad behavior in the checkout line and I'm PMSing...

  1. I got inspired to whip up a wonderful bay scallops, tomatoes and fresh basil pasta dish for my man, and got sandwiched between two sets of idiots in the express checkout line (with a cashier, not the self checkout).

    First, the couple ahead of me had way more than the item limit so they SPLIT IT INTO TWO orders on the convenyor belt!! :cursing: WTF?? The cashier didn't say anything. Anyone else see anything like this? :rolleyes:

    Then as I'm buying my groceries the couple behind me comes right up against my bum with their cart. I purposely bumped it firmly back at them and said "excuse me, not done yet."

    OK, thanks for letting me rant. Believe me, a little red wine and a great meal made it a wonderful evening after all. :graucho:
  2. Lol
  3. awww
    people in supermarkets are weird..READ THE SIGNS PLEASE! like it's so hard!
  4. This kinda stuff makes me CRAZY!!! I'm glad I'm not alone.

    FWIW though.. I did one time see a lady who had more than 40 items who had unloaded 70 percent of them in the 10 or less line. The cashier made her put everything back in the cart and go to the correct line.

    I had a smile on my face all day after that. :p

    ps - enjoy your meal! We're doing crabcakes tonight!
  5. It sound like you were the most well-behaved person at that grocery store :p
  6. Yes, I've had those days. Glad you are better now!

    How about sharing your recipe? Sounds wonderful and simple....
  7. Same thing happened yesterday with the 2 nitwits ahead of me in line. It's the express line and they had about 50 things. The clerk said she's not allowed to ask them to move, just says next time go thru the regular lane. Like that'll happen. Besides pushing the cart into me, one of the things I hate is when the person in front of me(usually a man) stays back even when he could move up several feet in line. In the meantime the rest of us are lined up blocking others, because he won't move along.
  8. Totally OT but I love your new avatar!
  9. I hate when people have more items than are allowed in the express lane. Once a lady had her whole (completely full) shopping cart unloaded in the express lane and then acted like she didn't speak or understand English when the clerk told her she couldn't be in that line. She ended up ringing her up anyway and the woman's children (like 10 and 11) looked so embarrased, I could tell they knew.
  10. That would've drove me nuts. And I would've probably slammed that cart back at the person.
  11. I feel guilty if I have 12 items in a 10 items or less line!

    It drives me nuts if there's a big family and each family member has two items.
  12. Some people are SO ignorant and stupid!
  13. hugs i hate last minute runs to the store
  14. Aw... I am glad your night ended good.
  15. Glad your dinner ended well. The recipe sounds delicious.