Bad Batz

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  1. Honu's Hello Kitty change purse inspired me to dig out my lil Bad Batz sequence evening bag! Here he is in all his grumpy glory...he's my favorite Sanrio character.

    bad batz.jpg
  2. He's quite glamorous!
  3. His name is Batz Maru and he's one of my favorite characters. That purse is adorable.
  4. yay for sequins!! I love the concept...they used to have a purse that was just hello kitty's face...that was cute too!
  5. Very cute indeed...
  6. lol- it's adorable!
  7. so cute I love his little grumpy face!
  8. Cute, shoo! I love batz!
  9. he's my fave sanrio character too!LOL!
  10. yeah I know that. when he first came out years and years ago, his name was Bad Batz Maru....I just call him Bad Batz....I used to be on a mailing list where he would send out really strange e-mails to his fans, thats what kind of geek I am!