Bad bag karma lately

  1. It seems that a higher power doesn't want me to buy new bags.
    It started with my birthday bag: a Balenciaga black city. Afetr a week of carrying her I noticed that the piping became loose so I brought her back to the store and they send her to Balenciaga Italy for repairs which takes 6 weeks. I still don't have her bag.
    Then this weekend I was in Venice with DH and he spoiled me with a new BV bag. I happily picked the Pyramid in noce. I love this bag so much but after carrying her for a day I noticed that a seam on the piping became loose. Unfortunately I was already back in Germany so I went to BV here in Munich yesterday and they told me that they've to send her back to Italy for repairs which takes about 6 weeks as well.:wtf:
    I'm really dissappointed because I'm used to better customer service from BV and I hope that they exchange the bag for a new one because with BV it doesn't matter where you bought it.
    I'll call the store manager today and will talk about a replacement bag with her because the normal SAs aren't very helpful in return things, they always brush you off. I experienced this the last time when I bought a faulty bag but the manager solved the problem in giving me a refund.
    So please keep your fingers crossed for me that I get a replacement rather than having to wait 6 weeks.
    I'm sorry for the long rant but I had to talk to someone who understands how I feel.
    I was closed to tears yesterday as I'm out of almost 3000€ for 2 bags but both are off for repairs.:sad: I think I'm finished for a while with those expensive bags as it seems that the qualitity isn't any better than on the average 200€ bag.
    Thanks for listening, ladies.:smile:
  2. Oh I'm so sorry Tanya... I'll be so sad too if I were you, talk about 3000 euro and cannot get your bag, :sad:((((((((... Hope that you can get a replacement and get your new BV asap !!! BTW, your DH is very sweet, pyramid in noce is so pretty.
  3. Oh dear, Tanja, I feel so much for you..... sucks doesn't it, 2 gorgeous bags in possession but none available! Just to cheer you up, good thing you aren't in Singapore cos' BV repairs will take at least 6 months! So, I hope this at least cheers you up a little. Now, imagine, in 6 weeks time, you're going to have to decide which one of the two gorgeous bags to carry. Six week will come and go soon. Smile :smile:
  4. <HUGZ> i know it must be tough for you know to let go of your 2 new aquired babies. but bare in mind that they will come back in good health. be patient and while you wait, you may find another treasure!
  5. Oh my. Yup. try to get a replacement.
  6. The bad karma does visit you a bit too often, eh, Tanya? I remember your previous problem with a BV bag. I only hope that they will be as open to helping you as they were the last time. It's only right when you pay this much for a bag!

    And I too would be spitting mad if I had two expensive brand new bags off for repairs!!!!
  7. Thanks for your support, ladies. It means a lot to me.
    It seems that I always get the 2 faulty BV bags they make in a year.
    You're right Ouija, with the last BV bags I had massive problems, too and at the end of the day they refunded me.
    The store manager called yesterday and there seems to be hope that i don't have to wait that long because they still have a pyramid which is on hold for someone until Monday but if she doesn't want her I can pick up a new bag otherwise they'll try to locate a new one in Europe and I'll get this.
    But if all those options fall through they will tell the factory that my bag has to be repaired first. So all in all it doesn't look to bad but I always have to get the manager involved because those SAs just offer you the option which is the easiest for them.
    The customer service is great with BV and they really do go far and beyond if there's a problem. I'm very grateful to the manager that she trys everything to solve the situation as fast as possible but anyway I won't buy a new bag in a long time because it's not worth the hassle.:crybaby:
    So I will need to live through you, ladies.
    Thanks again for listening and cheering me up.:tup:
  8. So sorry to hear the bad experience. Good luck with getting the new bag. Let us know.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about all of the problems you've been having with these bags. I'd be frustrated and upset, too. I'm wishing you lots of good luck with getting it all resolved - please keep us posted.
  10. Tanja, sorry to hear of your bag tribulations and hope things work themselves out. :heart:
  11. Tanya, you would think by now the SA's would know to get the manager involved right away. Two damaged bags in a row! Even if you didn't buy the bag in their store, I would think they would feel the urgency in trying to get this resolved.
  12. I really can't understand the attitude of those SAs because they just cause trouble for themselves as the manager wasn't happy at all with their behaviour not this time nor the last.
    I'm sure that people who aren't as persistant and demanding end up with the bad solution offered by the SAs and I could imagin that some of them don't come back after a service like this.
  13. Tanja, sorry to hear of your unfortunate luck but happy there's so resolution to it. It's indeed disheartening to get off the mark level of service. It's truly amazing the attitude some SAs carry (I do not mean just BV). Why bother to be in the service industry if you can't contribute? There's just no pride left.
  14. I'm sorry this happened to you, Tanja. I hope it gets resolved sooner than later. Keep us posted.
  15. Sorry I missed this thread till now. Tanja, you really do deserve a new replacement bag. How awful that you seem to get the defective bags that should never make it to the stores!

    Better luck with your future bags.