Bad Bad LV selling experience

  1. I stumbled into the site while looking for a gift for my husband's grandma and this site had me hooked.

    I planned to buy my first LV but found out that there's $200-455 price difference than in other countries. I decided to just wait for the annual trip abroad to buy my first LV but this hasn't stopped me from checking auctions and bargains. I came across this woman (a doctor who bought a lot of LV purses before she got married) who sold me a cartier watch and convinced her to sell me the ones that she hasn't used.

    I tried to sell one and kept the rest for me (an epi mabillion, a mono ellipse and a zippy wallet). I was able to sell it after a lot of bargaining and had my messenger deliver it to her house. She called me and said that it was fake and that she won't pay. :censor: I immediately went to the LV shop near my apt. (there is only one in the entire city and only 2 lv shops in the country) to ask my SA (the one who put me on the waiting list for the damier speedy 30 which i decided to buy here) what I could do to have the purse authenticated -something which i never doubted-. She said that they don't issue 2nd certificates but my buyer can go there and look for her.

    I called the buyer to tell her all these and she said that after that, she is willing to buy it. I am traumatized and have been crying for 2 days. I am a sincere and honest person and this has never happened to me. It all seems so shallow written here but it felt like a personal attack when she accused me of selling something fake.

    Am I wrong to feel this way?
  2. awww dont let situations like that get to you. Some people dont bother to go get it authenticated but rather use their own judgement to determined wether its real or fake. Sometimes they see the fake ones so much that they have it in their head what the "real" ones are suppose to look like untill the actually call in to ask about it. like I said DONT let PEOPLE like that make you cry, there are more important things in the world to shed a tear for then some lady who barely knows you make you feel "less" of a person...especially when she doesnt know s***
  3. I am SO SORRY to hear about your experience! I hope that you get this issue resolved! Please, don't be upset!!! Life is too short! I hope she pays you soon so you can forget about this incident!
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation. People like that drive me crazy. I have found that most people that I have dealt with are honest and decent like you but there are the few that don't really care about going through with a purchase or even lying about something. Hope it gets resolved quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  5. Thanks, I've never sold a purse before and I don' think I will again. Some people really think they are experts. By the way, I've decided to keep it.
  6. Gosh, so sorry. Selling expensive things gives me too much anxiety, so I just keep all my expensive bags!!!!
  7. Her loss.
    Don't let yourself get worked up over it.
    I've sold a few LV pieces on ebay and if anyone ever accused me of selling a fake, which would be IMPOSSIBLE as I've purchased all-with the excpetion of my recent Theda-my bags from either elux or LV) I would refund their money MINUS all my shipping and fees and then resell it to someone that can appreciate an authentic bag.

    It sounds like the person you were selling to had buyers remorse and was looking for some way to back out.
  8. Thanks to everyone who answered this post. You are all so gentle and so kind and I do feel so much better. Come and visit me here in Rio and we'll paint the town red! :smile: