Bad Bad Bag Habit! *pics*

  1. someone help me. i need bag rehab!! :wtf:

    here's an updated pic of my flap family: :tender:

    1st pic: reissues - dark silver 227, rose gold 226, black metallic 227
    2nd pic: classic flaps - medium black lambskin gold hw, jumbo black caviar gold hw, medium black lambskin silver hw, medium beige caviar silver hw, medium white caviar silver hw
    3rd pic: FLAP family
    DSC02306.JPG DSC02317.JPG DSC02313.JPG
  2. super cute family!
  3. [​IMG]



    OMG~i jus love every bit of your flap collection! They are fabulous:drool::drool:
  4. Great collection!!!!!!:tup:Loving them all.
  5. wow!
  6. Holy cow! I'm extremely jealous! I looooove all of your flaps!
  7. Amazing Collection! Congrats!
  8. i love your flap family!
  9. i love them. keep the family growing :love::love::love::love::love:
  10. Gorgeous flap family! Those are great reference photos, too. Thanks for posting them!
  11. such a gorgeous family!! :love:
  12. Ohh.. you are like the Imelda Marcos of Chanel flaps.. keep collecting! You can open a museum one day..
  13. Wow, your flap family is gorgeous!! Feels like I'm in flap heaven when I look at your pictures :nuts:

    Congrats and enjoy them!
  14. Gorgeous:love: I particulary love your metallic collection. Sooooo pretty:tender:
  15. I LOVE your taste!!!! The rosegold is particularly beautiful.