BAD BAD BAD girl today, went and lusted over BBags when I am trying to be good!

  1. BIG HUGE mistake. I went to Nordies in Sacramento, CA today and they have BBags! I fell in absolute love with the City :love:. It is like a whole new sick obsession just started. I actually was wearing my Paddington and look at it with disdain now because it is SO FRIGGIN heavy compared to the featherlite BBag. If they would have had the City in brown instead of black I would have bought it.....shame oh shame on me! I really liked the First too, just a tad too small for my liking...super cute "going out" bag though.

    Are BBags really sturdy like the thick Chloe leather?? They just seem so fragile because of the soft and thin leather.

    Enable me please!!!! Orrrrrrr........maybe not :graucho:
  2. I was at Nordstrom Sac drooling over B-bags today as well! I actually tried on the new Paddington bag while I was there and was shocked to discover that the empty Paddy weighed nearly the same as my fully loaded giant hardware City!

    Anyway, I've had good luck with my B-bags when it comes to wear. I have a black City from 2006 that I've carried over 500 days (must be a record!) and while it is now finally showing some wear, overall it still looks darn good. I think these bags wear great, the leather is lightweight but surprisingly durable. You should definitely get one--if you take the plunge I have a hunch you will NOT be able to stop at one!!!
  3. Although the rest of this mall is *meh* OK, I make it a point to go whenever I'm in or near Sacramento because this is the only Nordie's with Bal bags!!! Did they have new spring colors?
  4. I think the beauty of bbags lies in the numerous colors available. It's just amazing the different shades that are released! Bbags are very sturdy and hold up well despite repeated use. Just ask the other girls! Once you get one and marvel at how light it is to use her, there is no going back!
  5. They had a bright blue (don't know the official color), the magenta City, the Bubblegum City with GHW, a red city, a dark green City and a light tan/camel color City as well as a bunch of others.......I wanted them all, I felt like I was addicted at first sight!
  6. I totally agree that the beauty of bbags lies in the numerous colors available! We all like various shades of different colors and there is something for everyone. For instance I went in to look at the Electric Blue and found it was much too dark for me, didn't speak to me at all, but I fell madly in love with a Sky Blue with GSH! To die for!!! Out of all the blues that are available, and there seem to be many, this is THE ONE! :yahoo: For me anyway! Sooooo happy! I do think the names of some of the colors are misleading. Example, the Electric Blue doesn't look electric to me at all. More like a rich dark Royal Blue. Whereas the one I bought, the Sky Blue, looks more like a cornflower, or a swiss blue. Sky Blue sounds light and this is more of a medium blue to me. Oh well, goes to show you have to see them IRL.
  7. Speaking of Nordies Sac...

    One night, because I was slightly bored and had just started my bbag crazy, I dragged a guy friend of mine to drive me all the way to Sac - from San Jose at 6 pm at night, right in the middle of rush hour just to see the bags!

    It took more than two hours and when we got there Nordies was almost closed. I managed to snag a Blueberry Day and fondled all the other bags...

    What a trip.
  8. I feel like bbag get better with age! When I first got my twiggy she was kind of stiff and not slouchy. The more I used her, the more she started to get soft and stretchy. The leather responds really well to use.
  9. I am really sad to hear of your thoughts about your Paddy. I love mine as much as my B-bags but I treasure them in different ways. I don't really think the Bal leather will really last as well as the Chloe but I do love the relaxed style and colours.
  10. WOW, that's quite a "friend" you got there RERE!!! :graucho: I don't think I could convince DH to do anything like that. But at least you got your Day to make it worthwhile!
  11. In all honesty, bal leather probably isn't as durable as the leather on your paddington. I really baby my bal bags because the leather is more prone to scratches, staining, water damage. I don't have any chloes, but I'm assuming they're not nearly as delicate. However, the reason I fell in love with bal was because, just like you, I was sick of super heavy bags and immediately fell in love when I picked up a "featherlight" bal. You may have to baby it a bit more, but the leather is gorgeous and only gets better with time as it breaks in, softens, slouches. Just take a look at all of the olsen twins bags in the "celebrities" thread. They have some amazingly broken in bags!
  12. Darn -was trying to be good and save my "Bal Money" for NY in two weeks, but I may have to buzz up to Nordies in Sac now - I'm less than an hour away -so tempting.....
  13. I will go with you, I can't stop thinking about them!! :nuts:
  14. Welcome to a new addiction. I love Balbags but I do have a paddy as well (had more but ended up only keeping the choco med satchel) and I must say the paddy leather is sturdier and certainly more durable than Bal leather goat is just more delicate and yes more prone to scraches etc...
    I prefer Bal's in the darker colors they hold up much better.
    So nothing to fear with a brown city!:graucho:
  15. I do the same thing where I live too, The Chloes are nice, but the Bal are so light compared to the paddington. And now its hard for me to go and carry around a bag that weighs so much now since I have discovered the light Bal.