*BAD* bad *BAD* girl... *immediate reveal *

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  1. I think some gals around here... noticed some 'certain' behavior of me and wondering what I was up to ... and YES I was and am... I have been working my butt off :smile: sort to speak to trade, sell, and buy ....did I SAY BUY...
  2. YES H&H!!! Looking forward to seeing the new addition!
  3. Ok, H& H, what did you do?
  4. Oh it started well... with something it I will eventually end :smile:... But THEN... the paris sales was there... and I couldn't be there.... Little did I know... there are personal shoppers (I WANT THAT JOB), thanks to Guccigal... I am the proud owner of


    cashmere 54" Kimonos et inros... YEAH !
  5. QUICK! I have to put baby rocker to bed!
  6. Well... now that I know this personal shopper.... I'm sooo jealous of her job... I said well maybe you can go by Catherine B shop ? sure she did and then she picked up:


    Yes darkblue Kimonos and sooo beautiful ! this really REALLY is my grail :smile:
  7. Now there was something on eBay that got me distracted... very distracted.... got me almost off my initial ... well ..
  8. What's a girl have to do ?
  9. tossing and sleepless night... what the heck why not..

    LINDY1.jpg LINDY2.jpg

    30cm Gold Clemence Lindy :yahoo:
  10. Okay I must focus now on my *main thing* where it all started...

    browsing around here and there... OH... *heart* stops...
  11. oooooooooooooh..........
  12. Beautiful H&H!!! Love Kimonos et Inros and your new Lindy is perfect. Congrats!
  13. OH NO... what's a girl going to do... well I learned a little about trading and selling which is very new to me.. as I'm a keeper.. I have a hard time to let things go..
  14. There she was.... distracting me..... should I, shouldn't I... in the mean time :girlsigh::shame: I thought maybe downsizing on my globetrotter will help... so I picked up this beauty..

  15. I keep looking keep looking at this old lady beauty...