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  1. :nuts: I guess with 37 Marcs and 5 zip clutches to my name... it was bound to happen. I am so unhappy with the way I have just been treated by the Marc Boutique that I am concerned if I can keep wearing any of my bags or I need to dump the whole lot of them.

    I have just had the most horrid experience with the Marc Boutique in San Francisco. I am so disappointed with the way I have been treated and talked to that I needed to vent to someone who cares....thank you for caring in advance.
    Remember back a while in February, when we heard that some bags had gone on sale or rather not sale but were "repriced" at the boutique...and I got pictures of them from Joann as well as promoted her to everyone at the forum as an excellent SA....?????? In fact I had done that for the last year. the same time she was sending me pics or repriced bags, I asked her if they had any yellow wallets to match the yellow bags in my collection...this was when I was going through my I need matching zip clutch phase and I purchased an emerald and blue zip clutch.

    Joann told me she had a yellow "in her hands" and that she thought it would match. She was supposed to send me a picture so I could decide. Our emails went back and forth for a week and finally 7 days after committing to send me the picture of the wallet in her "hands" I got the picture.

    She was then off for a few days and I did other reconcile my checking account...

    Lo and behold I find that I had been charged with the wallet 10 days earlier (so 10 days before I even had the picture). To make matters worse, they had used not my current credit card because I hadn't given it to them because I hadn't ordered anything yet, but my OLD ATM card from over a year ago when I bought an emerald had no money in it....old card and cost me fees not to speak of embarrassment. I called the very next day and spoke to the manager since Joann was on her days off...He said she would call me when she got back but never did.
    After leaving 6 messages and 3 email without a single response, being out over $450 and having NO wallet to show for it, I filed a dispute with my bank.
    1. I had never ordered the wallet (she was still sending me pictures).:nuts:
    2. I had never authorized the charge:nuts:
    3. I had not given them my ATM card number for use:nuts:
    4. They are not supposed to keep credit cards on file.:nuts:
    5. I did not have a wallet.:nuts:
    6. There is NO delivery to me, no signature,

    So...long story short...after the bank goes back and forth in my behalf for several weeks now, I seem to just plain be out of luck with NO wallet, no money and no help from Joann, her manager, the corporate office...nada... The worst part was how I have been treated on the phone by the store that I thought was soo great and the sales person I pumped up to you all for over a year. I can't begin to tell you how they spoke to me. I am soo sad and disappointed.....:wtf: mags
  2. That is horrible they way they treated you. And its illegal what the SA did, she should be fired. I would never by from the San Francisco Boutique again, but you can't blaim Marc Jacobs.( the designer and his bags, not the management of the boutique)
  3. So sorry to hear about your ordeal. I know that Saks and NM keeps your credit info on file, particularly Saks, but I didn't know it was illegal for them to do so.
    Again, I am so sorry to hear what you've been through.
  4. As a consumer, you have rights, especially where your credit card information is concerned. Any retailer accepting credit cards these days knows that Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations are very strong. Your card information is NOT to be stored in such a way that sales associates can make unauthorized charges on your account. I feel confident that the management at Marc Jacobs (not the boutique, but certainly the home office) know this to be true. Please contact them immediately! Best wishes, and I apoligize for your awful treatment. I recently had my visa card info comprimised and can commiserate with your situation!
  5. i am so sorry to hear Maggie, i can't believe this even happen...what was Joann thinking!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was one of the person who got the re-priced chain pouchette from Joann, but I haven't spoken to her since.
    I am sure your bank will have it resolved soon, take it easy!
  6. OH Mags, I'm so sorry that you have been treated so poorly. Hopefully, your bank dispute will hold, especially since you have no records of the purchase at all other than the charge on your account! They would need an electronic signature or in-person signature (at least I believe this to be true from when I ordered from the LA and NY stores). That is SO wrong!

    I would definitely call back to the boutique and ask for the number of the district manager or regional manager. If they won't give it to you, call MJ corporate and find out who it is and get the info.

    Please let us know how it goes and we're always here for you to vent!
  7. OMG...This is awful!!! So you STILL have no wallet & out the $$?? I can't imagine this happening...Please don't give have to fight it!!! Keep us posted!!....HUGS!!!!!!!
  8. OMG!! That is so wrong!! I'm so sorry this happened to you maggie!! I can't believe that the bank is going back and forth over this too, they should have immediately refunded you the money or at least chargeback the funds from the boutique. How dare MJ charge you CC without you consenting to it? I've heard stories like this before and usually the manager will resolve it immediately. Why on earth is the manager fumbling on this one??

    I'm confident things will work out for you, after all, they never sent you the wallet... and if you see a package arrive from them, do no accept it!! Your CC will side with you on this.

    I will remember to stay away from this location. Crossing my fingers for you Maggie!
  9. Are you close to the store? I would go in person and complain. They have no choice but to listen to you.
  10. How horrible!!! I can't believe a SA would make such a HUGE mistake and then not own up to it and correct it!! You definitely need to keep fighting this. It's all completely ridiculous!! I am truly sorry you have to go through this mess! I hope it all gets resolved very quickly!!
  11. You guys are soo great..I feel your support and it makes things a lot better.

    What is really awful about this situation is that I have loved my purses...every single one. I have talked up this boutique... I do not want to have bad "energy" associated with any of them.
    What has happened since is that I talked to both Joann and corporate. When I talked to Joann today and asked her about the situation she basically lied. I didn't even know what to say as she was talking to be. I felt completely stunned.
    I kept wanting to give her an out as I said well..there must have been some misunderstanding as I expected her to fess up to her part in the whole thing...NOTHING.

    Instead she told her corporate people that I placed a phone order and gave her the number to charge... That she was wondering "why I kept emailing her questions like wanting a picture and how must the wallet cost when I already had paid for it." I asked them then why if I ordered it and she charged me wasn't it sent?
    I have emails where she was still mailing me pictures 7-10 days after the charge. Corporate told me that she said that I must have changed the dates on the emails. THAT I MUST HAVE CHANGED THE DATES....?

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. If I hadn't often had 3-4 bags sent to me as samples to pick out the Mischa and then been charged from JOANN...after I picked one and sent the rest back..I maybe wouldn't be so shocked. I can understand how a corporation has to protect against scams but this is ME and I have been a very loyal and good customer. Given that I have bought so much from Joann is the real stunner. I do not get what the heck!!!

    Corporate basically said that it was my word against hers about the order, about the credit card, about the emails and about receipt of the wallet. I am stunned.
    They have no signature for receipt of wallet and I seem to be the one out. Apparantly there are Visa rules about disputes and basically it is up to the merchant to decide. I don't know what else to do.
    They have no signature for an order, no signature for delivery, I have emails that show she was asking me questions and had the wallet in her possession weeks after the charge but I am the one out...Un believable. mags
  12. It's ridiculous that they haven't resolved this yet in your favor. It's also very weird because in my limited experience with one phone order with a MbMJ boutique they were really anal and meticulous about getting the charge authorized - I had to fax back a form with my signature on it. They would not even accept an "electronic" signature via e-mail, even though it was only a small order of about $150. If they shipped it, shouldn't they also have a record of the tracking, etc.? And it sounds like they have not yet been able to come up with this. I think the burden of proof should be on the store, and it's completely bizarre that VISA also would just let the merchant decide. I guess it's because this was purchased with a VISA ATM/debit card... I guess I'll be very careful with making those kinds of purchases in the future.

    I hope this eventually gets resolved for you and the manager knows he has lost one of his best customers over a wallet. But please don't stop enjoying your Marc Jacobs bags over this! It's not Marc's fault!

    I also think you should definitely try to go to the store in person if possible, and also contact higher-ups in Marc Jacobs corporate. I'm sure someone in a higher position would be more helpful.
  13. This is so scary and awful! I cannot believe they're being so unresponsive on the merchant's end and what about the bank! They should be protecting you too! This is just unacceptable. If I were you, I would call them daily. Eventually, it becomes more expensive for them to talk to you than to refund your money.

    Also, consider drafting up a demand letter that articulates that after consulting with a lawyer you have assessed the following financial damages are the responsibility of the Marc Jacobs store, and send it certified mail to the store and the corporate HQ. You can find a demand letter template online probably... or I could send you one I have. I had to do this when my laptop was stolen by my cable company's unattended and unauthorized-to-be-there technicians while I was on vacation.
  14. Miri is correct, MJ usually faxes a form over to authorize the charge. You should ask her if she has a recent one file, because as far as I know, that is company policy.

    And if the company doesn't have any proof of delivery, VISA needs to rule in your favor. I recently had to dispute a charge on my card and my Cust Rep didn't even hesitate to do a chargeback.

    You need to stop talking to Joann and speak only to the manager. You are a loyal customer to them and it's ridiculous that they are behaving this way toward you. This is unbelievable!!

    The only other possibility is that she did indeed send you the wallet but it was lost in the mail? But still, she needs to show proof that there was a label or shipment made to your address! Or file a claim with FedEx so that you can get your money back.
  15. ^^^ I agree. Stop talking to Joann, as it sounds like she needs to CYA. Misuse of CC by an SA is theft and she will definately be fired if she admits to it.
    Think about it, and move on up the ladder to someone who won't be fired for admitting the truth.
    Where is the merchandise? Hello - It doesn't just get dropped off at the corner.
    I am so sorry you are getting horrible treatment. The S.F. store is closest to me, but I will definately shop elsewhere for my MJs.
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