Bacteria on Purses

  1. Oh my! :sick: You could use the "wet ones" antibacterial wipes, I carry them everywhere! They would be less harsh than the Clorox ones. Reading that makes you think.. I always try to hang my bag on the back of the restroom door.

    PS> this has nothing to do with bags but I read an article about public restroom "issues" & it said that the 1st stall is typically the cleanest (bacteria wise) because less people will round the corner & go into the first stall. So now, I always use the first stall if I can:shame:

  2. clorox is a very effective disinfectant. But using it on dark leather bags will be a problem.

    The key here is finding a good disinfectant that is safe for leather. (Probably rules out alcohol or detergents). Check ingredients on the available leather cleaners. The good news: E.coli is NOT difficult to kill so a leather cleaner can possibly act as a disinfectant too but again, will have to see the ingredients.
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  4. Thanks for the information.:biggrin::flowers:
  5. Quite the article...YUKKY YUK! :sick: There is a antibacterial leather cleaner available at Lovin My Bags.:yes: It is the only one I can find that was specific for leather and offered germ killing properties. :cool: Their web site is
    Keep yo leatha kleen! :cool:
  6. Wow :huh: you sound like an infomercial.
  7. Yuck. :sick: :yucky:
  8. I never put it on the floor unless it's a home carpet and I dust it off usually when I do that but I do put it on tables a lot. Yikes!
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