bacteria on purses can sicken owners!

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    Bacteria On Purses Can Sicken Owners

    POSTED: 11:23 pm EST November 15, 2006
    UPDATED: 11:22 pm EST November 16, 2006
    A Local 6 News investigation discovered that what is on the outside of some purses can make their owners sick.Problem Solver Nancy Alvarez recently swabbed the bottom of several purses being carried by Central Florida women and collected the samples.During the report, Alvarez discovered that many women worry about what is in their purse but most don't give a second thought to the germs they carry on it."I don't put (my purse) on a toilet or anything," a woman said."We found most women might as well," Alvarez said.The collected samples spent more than a week in a lab and then were tested. A microbiologist found high levels of bacteria on almost every purse, the report said.A bacterium called staphylococcus was found on Eve Santiago's purse. It destroyed the red blood cells in the Petri dish."You get a little cut, you have an open sore, it is going to migrate there and can cause infection," Dr. Blanca Cortes said.The study found that Joan Fonte's purse, that was kept in the seat of her shopping cart, tested positive for sewage contamination."There is no guarantee the fecal matter found on Joan Fonte's purse came from a shopping cart, but this is a seat for children," Alvarez said."They have diapers, things that can seep away and then you put your purse there," Cortes said."We found bacteria on your purse that is also found in feces," Alvarez told Fonte."Oh my God, you are kidding me?" Fonte said. "Oh my God, that purse goes in the trash. Oh God."Cortes said chances are women are spreading germs that are carried on their purses.Cortes recommends cleaning purses with mild sanitizing wipes.Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.
  2. makes ME wonder what's on my bags now!
  3. ugh! Hearing these kind of things creep me out.. y'know how all you can do is wonder since you can't really see the germs!! ...and I guess more importantly.. how the heck are you supposed to clean it without ruining the buttery soft leather?? :P
  4. which is why i have a small collection of bottles of purell that end up in my bags...
  5. That is why I avoid putting my bag on floors or anywhere else. I even wipe the bottom of my bag with a sanitizer tissue when I go home. :P
  6. Oh, this is sick! Although I never put my bags on the floor, in the supermarket shopping cart etc. But still.....When you go to the mall or a restaurant you do take your bag to the bathroom you know.....And for some leather bag you just can't wipe it with sanitizing wipes.....
  7. Yeah some of my leather bags just can't take water or cleansers of any kind - what to do with those bags?? Gross.