Bacon & Cream Cheese Jumbo Mushrooms recipe ***PICS***

  1. I've made these for the lawyers and judges at my mom's dinner parties, and they are gone in 10 minutes! Excellent with a glass of wine. Easy and simple but ohh so delicious.

    I've perfected it to my family's palette, but easily adjustable to yours. I've hated how salty they can be at restaurants so I've balanced the taste with just enough smoked flavor and acid. I've used soft cream cheese but found that the whipped cream cheese is so much lighter on the tummy. Crushed saltines on top gave a better texture than bread crumbs included in the filling. Using crab in the past overpowered the 'shrooms instead of enhancing its natural flavor, so now I like either smoked bacon or spinach. But really it's all up to you, have fun with it!

    Ingredients: the ratio is one slice of bacon to 8 mushrooms
    -40% less sodium smoked bacon
    -whipped light cream cheese
    -large/jumbo mushrooms (they shrink like crazy)
    -crushed saltines

    For the acid baste:
    -xtra virgin olive oil
    -lemon juice
    -fried chopped garlic
    -fresh ground pepper
    -dash of salt to taste
    Chop 'shroom stems and bacon

    brown together bacon still semi soft; add cheese

    Stuff and bake at 350 for 30 minutes

    Push down crushed saltines; basting all over; broil 5 minutes; baste once again.
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  3. omg i am so going to :drool: non stop. I'm one of the 'hugest' fan of mushroom and you're my god! I :love: U! Lol. I need to try it out tonight.
  4. I want one NOW!!

  5. Sp, that looks really good, going to try this recipe for thanksgiving.
    Sp, do you do alot of cooking at home?
  6. What a coincidence! I'm gonna make this again for our family dinner..I make about 48-50 pcs..
    ya I cook at's fun!:heart:.
  7. Yummy... it reminds me of portobello.
  8. damn...i am hungry again. i am going to try this one.
  9. looks yummy.
  10. Yum! I love stuffed mushrooms...I must try this recipe out someday. Thanks for sharing!
  11. These look GREAT!!!!!!!
  12. Made it last night for a party - HUGE HIT! Everyone loved them. Just enough smoky flavor from the bacon. And the lemon juice adds just the right punch. Thanks!!!
  13. We are having a dinner party Wed. night. IM MAKING THESE!!! Thank for posting!
  14. Oh good grief. I practically fell off my chair on this one. I'd take out the plate and say "okay, what is everyone else having?"
    I'm going to do this for sure!
    Thanks! :woohoo:
  15. OHHH YAAYYY! So good to hear!!!!!!:woohoo::woohoo::heart: