Backup Platinum Lily or Silver Madison Hobo


Oct 3, 2007
I am trying to decide whether to get a second platinum Lily because I love the one I have so much. Baglady gave me the idea, and now I can't stop thinking about it. The other bag I have been thinking about is the Madison hobo in silver because it is so different. I would prefer the large Sabrina in the silver, but I understand it only comes in the small size. I think the material is really nice, though I know it will be fragile. What would you do -- get the second Lily now while they are still available on Ebay or the Madison hobo? Thanks so much!


Sep 15, 2007
Have you seen the silver Madison in person?? Selketkrb posted about it somewhere, and I think it's analogous to that dusted goat suede a few years ago on the pleated hobo. It's also supposedly thin. However, I have not personally seen this one IRL.

And LOL, yes, I've been buying backups for bags I love!! I'm not sure if there are still some plat. LIly satchels around at the outlets, but Woodbury had these. They are $250 if you can find one.

I can't really give good advice as to which one because I haven't seen the silver hobo IRL, and as for the dup bags... well, I know many people think I'm insane for buying backups! However, we are all different in what we want/need for our collections, and I intend to use this Lily for a long time ("trendy" or not). So I chose to do it since they are so reasonably priced now. I was also ticked I paid much more than the outlet price for my first bag too!


Oct 3, 2007
I saw that small sabrina in the sliver, but not the hobo. I loved the sabrina; it was gorgeous. It is a thin, stretchy leather I think it is one you would have to be really, really careful with, but so pretty that it is worth it I like bigger bags so that is why I am thinking of the hobo even though I have not seen that yet. But, I really love the platinum Lily; it is so gorgeous, and I would be so upset if something happens to it. I am sure I will never find one at the outlet, but there are a few on Ebay now, and I thought may be I should get a second while I can. Thanks so much.


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
OOOh, I wasnt even aware that there even was a silver Sabrina made! :nuts:
What rock have I been hiding under?

I own the aforementioned infamous dusted silver suede hobo (#9690) *sigh*
It was my favorite most used Coach bag but it is in not so hot shape right now.
I thought that she was just dirty but sadly some of the silver has flaked off of her and even if that were the case (just dirty), suede is a bit*h and a half to clean...
I wish there were a way of restoring her, but she might just be going on to that big dustbag in the sky now. :crybaby:
Any suggestions on how to attempt restoring her?
Shining Monkey maybe?

Most people would be happy to have even one Lily!
I am so glad that Santa brought me mine!
That is a really hard bag to get a hold of....
A backup is not a bad idea. If anything ever happened to mine I would be devistated!