Backstreet Boys New Single "Inconsolable"

  1. I am a huge Backstreet Boys fan and I'm glad they're coming out with a new album. The first single from the album is called "Inconsolable."

    Tmz has a short clip of it here:

    It's already premiered on some radio stations like z100 in New York :smile:
  2. OMG...i dont think anyone on here realizes how big of a Backstreet Boys *freak* I was...seriuosly. I saw them 3 times when I was 13-14, i made my dad wait 7 hours in line for tickets once, and Nick Carter was my soulmate..HAHAHA... :smile:) memories...

  3. oh man, it sucks hard. sorry.
  4. Oh Lord. :nogood:
  5. Well I think fair play to them! I liked some of their stuff and I think they have good voices.

    Hell - if the Spice Girls can do it why can't they!!!! Its better than Britney!
  6. ooooooooh i looooove bsb!
    but to be fair, the DID reform well before spice girls, i mean they had the incomplete album out about 2 years ago! i actually went to see them on that tour and it was amazing! hope they tour again! ill be there oh yer :biggrin: haha!
  7. interesting to see if a comeback is possible.........zzzzz
  8. I want to post the whole song but I don't know if it's allowed here. You can't judge a song but just a small clip.
  9. go and download it on like limewire or something everybody, i mean its ok but its not like 'everybody' that song is pure genius! i do the hands dance n everything when it comes on and im clubbing! which is erm... very often haha
  10. Lol yeah I know, they were with one of the tours with a bunch of other artists here and I was SO glad I got to see them.
  11. I was the HUGEST BSB fan ever, no joke... saw them 6 or 7 times in concert, had (still do) every single cd, import single, import album, magazine, shirt, poster (in fact, at one point two of my walls were covered entirely in BSB posters haha)... you name it, I had (and spent mad $$$$) acquiring it. :p

    I still love them, but I don't think it's humanly possible for anyone to have been as obsessed as I was haha. Actually, I heard the new single because my b/f sent me the link a while back haha, and it's pretty good (well, the hook is)... love 'em or hate 'em, whatever, but I think they can harmonize damn well. I'm no longer an obsessed teen haha (25!), but I'll definitely get the cd on Oct. 30th (for old times sake, but more importantly because I know it will probably have some damn good songs on it)!! :tup:
  12. Nice to see some BSB fans here. I was a huge fan years ago, however I still have a place for them in my heart :heart:.

    The song is nice but I wish they would go back to their Backstreet's Back and Millennium days, those were some of their best years :graucho:
  13. I LOVE it. I was obsessed with the Never Gone album too, haha. Hope they tour near me this time, I've wanted to see them ever since I was a little girl!

    I heard Inconsolable for the first time yesterday & I'm not ashamed to admit it's made me play all the old albums today reminiscing hahaha.