backstanbing and wannabes

  1. OMG this is unbelivable....Last week i talked with my friend of mine about the chloe paddington bag,we where eating with a group of friends,and i told my friend that i wanted to get the chloe this christmas...wich i was from eBay...and this weekend a friend(not anymore)that ate with us went to new-york...and guess what bag she got from Chinatown???yes a Chloe Paddington!!!!!she just called me like 10minutes to say soo!!
    I cant believe this...This sucks!!!!she told me she also bought a vuitton belt and dior necklace from canal street...ewww:cursing::Push:
  2. so your friend is somewhat insecure and needs to copy your fantastic style of dressing/accessories.. be happy girl! and be happy knowing that she's sporting yucky fakes while YOU will have an AUTHENTIC one. :lol:
  3. I never did, and currently don't, care if my friends copy my style. Now, if my friends would have taken my bf, that's another story!
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. yeah guys your right lolll:biggrin:
  6. lol this is sooooo happening to me right now ....

    theres this girl [11th grade i only a sophomore!] and she used to follow our group of friends, and she starts copying my style, which is nothing hot [i dress very casual,nothing like the very pretty girls], i go to school in sevens, flip flops, a tee, and a cashmere cardigan... lv vavin and a small bag....

    she came to school one day wearing the exact same thing...but she was wearing a tee from aero? [i was wearing juicy] this half top cardigan [which looked ugly imo, but mine looked nice it had pearl detailing :heart:] and those flip flops from old navy i think.... but worst of all.... she had the ugliset fake vavin ..she said she got it from LV ...w/e...but she had this bag with a chain that she strapped onto the handle of the fake vavin... THATS WHAT I DO!... i couldnt believe it....... i just said nice shirt..?... im never mean though... i just ignore it.... o yea i forgot that she also copied my straight hair w/ headband... before hers was messy hair w/ ponytail

  7. I agree. :yes:

    We had a fairly lax uniform at my school - we used to have to wear black, grey, or bottle green and the only real requirement was that we had to wear a collar. That was until I arrived at the school! :lol:

    Teachers always used to pick on every little thing I was wearing. They used to constantly say; 'That isn't part of the uniform.' and as soon as I wore an item, they'd change the uniform rules to ban it! I was starting to feel paranoid, especially as, on one notable occasion, I was told off for not wearing a collar, whilst standing next to a girl in a pink T-shirt!

    I never knew why, until my Mum asked a teacher on a Parents' Evening and they said; 'She's known as a fashion ringleader! :lol:

    Take it as a compliment. ;)
  8. You have nothing to feel bad about coco allure, your ex-friend is walking around with ALOT of FAKE CRAP if she got it from Canal Street. I don't think anyone around here would be caught dead there. That is the difference between you and your "friend".

    Don't worry, be happy
  9. ugh I can't stand pathetic people who think they are kewl by wearing fakes
  10. ^^^ Fashion Ringleader! There's a great sound to that! Definitely a compliment! ;)
  11. DITTO!!:yes: Could you imagine her face the next time you go to lunch with your friends,:wtf: you'll be sporting an AUTHENTIC Chloe! :supacool:
  12. Just ignore them. People who knows about authentic stuff will know yours are real.

  13. I know, LOL! :lol:
  14. so let me get this straight, you like or want something and your best friend buys it for herself...a fake one at that...and youre MAD at her? Shes obviously a follower, not a leader...I didnt know friends werent allowed to buy something the other friend wanted...the whole friendship thing has changed and no one told me...looks like I better get rid of some friends...hmmm.
  15. :nuts:
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