Backstage Pass (thank you,!)

  1. The Smoking Gun posts exerpts of backstage riders for many celebrities (things musicians have to have backstage at their venue).

    I'm not sure if the artist REALLY wants all those things or they want to see how well the venue can follow a contract.

    Let's play "How many crazy things did they demand?

    Mariah Carey
  2. haha, I've heard sometimes its the places and sometimes its the artists that have odd requests also. :]
    It's interesting to see it all written up like that. lol
  3. This is part of Elton John's rider.

    On an earlier page, it says what climate Elton John's dressing room should be (60 degrees in the summer and 70 degrees in the winter). The room should have access to a full bathroom. The furniture listed was what the room should be furnished with if his dressing room winds up being a locker room.

    I like the thing about the flowers. It may sound funny, but I'd be the same way, if I wanted flowers backstage. Although, to make it easier on everyone I'd say roses (but not red).

    (On an earlier page, it said that he wasn't used to wearing one of those laminated backstage passes.)
  4. lol celebrities!!!
  5. I am still waiting for the punch line.:weird:
  6. Not really a punch line, per se, but it's interesting to see who demands what backstage.
  7. Some of the things people demand can be so random at times. Mariah Carey wants a box of bendy straws. She also wants a tea service for eight, but the tea must be made with Poland Springs.
  8. This is for The Barenaked Ladies. Other stars' riders say things like ABSOLUTELY NO . . . . .

    I love how open minded and easy-going they are! (They even say they're open minded.)


    (I'm surprised they didn't ask for any Kraft Dinner!)
  9. I've seen quite a few artists riders while working for my school's student activities board and Elton John's is surprisingingly simple. I've also had to be the poor soul who has to run around everywhere looking for things like french vanilla soy creamer, organic you name it, throat coat, you name it.

    luckily a lot of stuff would never even get opened and we'd get to take it home and not have to buy groceries for a little while!
  10. those riders seem surprisingly straightforward as opposed to a few of the ones i've seen. if i had to spend so much time away from home, i'd be picky too!
  11. I was in the Campus Activities Board and I remember when 3 Doors Down played at Salve Regina University. I was helping someone set up the 'backstage area' and he was explaining to me the concept of riders. (The only time the rider couldn't be fulfilled he told me was if the band requested alcoholic beverages. . . . . Salve's a dry campus.)
  12. In Carrot Top's rider, there's a page describing possible meals. In the middle of the page, in capital letters, it says: PLEASE NO CARROT CAKE - IT'S STILL NOT FUNNY!
  13. Okay, here's a weird one:

    Luciano Pavarotti


    So he doesn't want any distinct smells, no noise and a golf cart.
    (If he doesn't want any distinct smells, then why does he want balsamic vinegar?)
  14. Ha ha....

    Seriously, I :heart: them!!
  15. sounds like a big party backstage for all of them