Backstage... Fall 2008

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    Is this graphite? Can someone eyeball the stats for me? A 50 travel Birkin?


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  2. ^^ ok...WHOOPS on the megapixels!!
  3. No kidding!:yes: A little too much effort to click through them with that size pic, but much appreciated. Beaumonde, thanks for taking the time to find and post these things for us!
  4. Once you open the huge picture then double click on it and a smaller version will appear! :tup:

    Whoa beaumonde... the pics are luscious!! Thanks so much!
  5. I love the Graphite color...I can't decide, but I think I want the model's skin more than the bag!! That's the aesthetician in me coming out : ).
  6. ^^ Thanks Kallie Girl!
  7. We can't have such large images, so I resized it for you!
  8. I cant see anything but the small pics...but from those they look great!
  9. Beaumonde,

    Thank you for posting!! I really enjoyed the pics!! :ty::coolpics::tpfrox:
  10. Thanks for sharing.
  11. wow thanks for sharing!
  12. Thank you, beaumonde for sharing :flowers:! So nice to see these behind the scene, closed-up pictures. :goodpost:
  13. I am forming my opinion that light colours are better suited for the Birkin Jypsiere (Gypsy). Problem is, it does not look like it has feet. Won't be easy to keep the underside and back from dirt. I guess it will have to be placed on its back like the Evelyne.


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  14. Another resized picture - Vert Olive Birkin Jypsiere.

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