Backstage at the Spring Summer show

  1. Go and check out on (world of Vuitton>fashion>backstage) it's now showing a new video from behind the scenes it's good and you get some really good close ups of the bags and shoes
  2. thanx for the heads up I really like the new bags there's like colored LV's on monogram canvas that looks really good can't wait to see them IRL and the shoes are all hot too...
  3. the close ups help you appreciate the bags a lot more I think and the shoes :love: I think I'll be needing a few of those
  4. I told you! lol alot of the girs that are like:yucky: will be like:love::nuts: in need of those bags...

  5. Oh I know happens EVERY season I've already my manager has already taken my details for 2 bags but still no info on if they'll make the cut & price
  6. Damn, I guess we aren't allowed to see too much! I hardly saw anything, but what my eyes catched - I'm not 'all over it'.
    My idea/love for LV ( don't worry - I'm not gonna do the 'I lost my love for Vuitton' speach... neverl will) is the classic design eller pure linies.
    But I don't find any class in colors all-over-the-place and different 'speak-out' on the bags...:sad:
  7. thank you I loved it!
  8. Thanks!!!
  9. Thank you!