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Which backpack would you choose?

  1. Montsouris (newer style)

    6 vote(s)
  2. Palm Springs MM

    14 vote(s)
  1. Which pack pack would you choose- Palm Springs MM or Montsouris (newer style)?
  2. Palm Springs MM
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  3. I can't really stand the closure of the Montsouris for a backpack, it would be kind of a pain. I picked the PS MM between your options.
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  4. PS. It’s super functional and such a stylish bag
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  5. Montsouris. I don’t like the straps on the palm springs mm....
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  6. I used to have PS MM and now I have PS mini and Montsouris new model. For functionality go with PS - holds more and the straps are very comfortable plus it is weatherproof. For the looks montsouris is nicer, the only reason I sold PS MM was I hated the look of the thick straps, they look too masculine. I got the mini instead that is functional and cute but doesn’t always hold everything I need to carry and then I go with Montsouris.
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  7. PS gets my vote. I have it and love it. I actually love the straps and how comfy they are.
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  8. I adore the mini PS but everything bigger than that reminds me of a child that goes to school. Maybe because it looks so much like an Eastpak? The Montsouris doesn't give off that schoolwork and lunchbox vibe.
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  9. I have the PS PM and love it. The straps may be goofy looking to many, but they are SO comfortable. It's a great bag and I'd recommend it and it's big sister the MM.
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  10. PS MM! The Straps are so comfy which is great for when you load it up.
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  11. I have to say I love my reverse mono Palm Springs pm .. the straps are so comfortableActually it’s what makes the bag so great !! It’s the perfect hands free backpack when you need more than the mini !!
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  12. I'm the unpopular opinion, but of the two, I prefer Montsouris! I actually just received a vintage Montsouris mini, and while not quite the same as the new Montsouris, I think it's more feminine and dressier than the Palm Springs. I know the Palm Springs is super popular though, just feels too much like my Jansport backpack from when I was kid. Also I love tanned vachetta and when it gets that nice, worn-in vintage look. The Montsouris is more chic!
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  13. Anyone have the lockme backpack? I just noticed it on the LV website....looks nice.

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