Backpack YAY OR NO?!


Jun 11, 2015
I’ve been contemplating on buying a backpack for years now. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack. I love luxury items but contemporary designers as well. I want a Tory Burch or MCM Backpack but wanted to try something cheaper before splurging. I’m a tote gal so I hope I like it! I got a pretty black print so hopefully it doesn’t look juvenile! I always thought of backpacks being used as diaper bags and I have no kids so we shall see HAHA! I’m hoping it’s functional and helps with my neck issues. Plus, I love the Dagne Dover products. Any pros or cons?


Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
Backpacks have their place in the bag world for a reason. They are casual and easy to carry, I carry my work laptop in a Pacsafe backpack most of the time to avoid hand, neck and shoulder problems (I walk to work). Also for travel a backpack is essential.
I just recently ordered a Liebeskind leather backpack which I think will end up in my permanent rotation. The only downside I can think of is that a backpack is more casual than a handbag and it might not be totally comfortable to wear with all clothes. Other than that, it's a go from me!
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