Backpack Madness!

  1. So I have a friend who has a sick obsession with Louis Vuitton backpacks. To clarify, backpacks, also commonly known as bookbags, are sacks worn on the back with two straps that sling over both shoulders. These include the Monogram Canvas Sac a Dos Bosphore and Montsouris, Monogram Denim Sac a Dos, and Antigua Besace (there may be more examples - I saw someone auctioning off a Damier monstrosity on eBay several weeks ago but didn't catch its "official" name).

    At any rate, I've tried to explain to her that there are only certain categories of individuals for whom it is socially acceptable to carry a backpack. They are:

    -Students (from grade to graduate school)
    -Kanye West (and even he is pushing it)

    Is there a group you feel should be added to the "Acceptable Backpack Carriers" roster above? Do you carry a Louis Vuitton backpack? If so, what is your excuse? :shrugs:
  2. MOMS!!!!! I don't carry one but I think this is an acceptable group.
  3. Now, that is the irony...this dear friend of mine would carry her son's bottles in a Ziploc baggie in her Speedy 30, but did not carry a backpack then. Now that he's 4, she wants a backpack. :confused1:

    By the way, Darling, if you're reading this, I love you.
  4. ^^^ITA, I have a denim (haven't used it yet) but think backpacks are fine for moms!
  5. Oh wow!! She's got guts then, cause I could not even imagine putting any type of liquid at all in my bags.

    I'd be like, "Come on honey, you gotta learn how to hold these bottles!"
    Just kidding!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. hahaha loved your post
    I think backpacks are horrible
    I refused to carry one even when I was in high school
    I even think messengers are a bit clumsy when they are too big ....
  7. backpakcs are very convenient but they do look funny on unless they are the groups of people you have listed =P
  8. I love my backpack- especially when I am shopping it leaves me hands free to look at stuff . You should add shoppers to your list.
  9. ehhh, i have a love hate relationship with backpacks...they are so cute but a pain to get in and out of as an every day bag. but i love the mono sac a dos bosophore but really i can't see myself using that, even as a diaper bag.
  10. Got it! Okay, here are two more groups of "Acceptable" carriers:


  11. I would be paranoid of someone coming up to me in a crowd and ripping me off from behind :sad:
  12. uh-nope that's not it..

    good try though:graucho:
  13. i'd say my beloukha is probably closer in relation to a backpack (even though it has only one strap) than a messenger bag...

    my excuse:

    im still a student (2nd year of college)...

    i just took it to denmark over fall break, and it worked well...its a little small, so i didnt cart around a whole bunch, but it fit a change of shoes when i wasnt sure on the weather!
  14. :lol: Getting a kick out of this thread! The funny thing is that I've always admired the Epi Mabillon backpack and almost bought a mandarin one on eBay recently. What was I thinking? I still like the shape and style of the bag, but I probably would never have used it...except for an entire day of shopping. (I live in an isolated, semi-rural area with the nearest mall being 75 miles away...and it's not great!) But I don't need a big orange thing on my back!

    (BTW, I like the mandarin in other bags that I've seen modeled on this forum, so don't be insulted if you're an epi mandarin lover! :heart:)

    My kids are now old enough that I don't need to carry their stuff, so I don't think I can fit into any of the other "categories". Thanks for the dose of reality!:yes:
  15. LOL! U r too funny *jazzybelle* (in a good way) :roflmfao:

    I used to carry 1 in junior high...LOL but that was a LONG time ago and during the was truly acceptable...

    Oh, just for name sake..."backpackers" would be a suitable group...