Backpack: Leather vs Nylon?

  1. I need a backpack for school. I ordered the Tumi Voyager Calais Nylon backpack but found out that there is a leather option.

    Is leather a better material for an everyday backpack then nylon? Durability-wise?

  2. I'll use it to carry laptop, notebook, personal stuff.
  3. maybe nylon is better. Backpacks we stuff with books, laptop etc. Nylon you will be less 'precious' with than leather. Also backpacks get dirty on the floor, in the lecture hall, around food/drinks/people, walking around campus, weather etc. Nylon will be easier to clean, you can just wipe and go. You'll have more peace of mind with the comings & goings of student life with know how it is
  4. Tumi nylon is pretty indestructible, so you should be fine! I would think leather would be a lot heavier so for carrying a laptop and books, I’d stick with the lighter option.
  5. Depends what education level for studies & subjects, imo.

    I'd never give a high school kid leather backpack. As mentioned by others, too heavy. Plus, it'll be tossed onto ground & used in rain.

    For university studies, I used cheap backpack. Then tossed & bought new every year.
    Was in science labs. So bag stank & was stained with weird stuff.
    Grad school, same. But could not afford to replace yearly.;) So very grubby fabric bag.
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