Backpack for DBF. Oakley Icon 2.0 / 3.0

  1. I hope this is the right place. So here goes..
    DBF 1.72m, 72kg (medium build), University Student,
    Brings around - Laptop, Change of Clothings, Tennis Racket, Tennis Shoes.
    Ive narrowed down to this 2 bags.
    So what do u think? Too Big? Too Ugly. I sux at choosing bags for man. Ha!
    Dimension 21" x 17" x 9"

    Oakley Icon 3.0(new version?) Black & Grey

    Oakley Icon 2.0

    Any advice would be appreciated!:flowers:
  2. a LOT of guys here carry North Face backpacks, maybe look in to those. i think that bag looks a tad...complicated.
  3. The bag looks cool but a little too much. I also agree with trying North Face.