Backordered the Strawberry Charm 01/27

  1. I called JAX today and was able to backorder the Strawberry Charm #92256. It will not be in until late February, but I was excited to know that she will be on her way soon! I also back ordered the Heart Luggage Tag Charm #92224, which will be available about the same time!

    So, if you want a Strawberry, there is still hope!

  2. Thanks for the notice!!

    I've been eyeing that little strawberry since forever!!
  3. That's good news for a lot of people. :woohoo:I bought myself the heart charm a couple of months ago or so. I had to drive about 25 miles to get it as only one boutique around here had it. And Tara gave me the strawberry for Secret Santa (:flowers:). I love them both so much :love: