Backorder Question

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  1. Yesterday I purchased a dog collar (this was before it showed them as being out of stock). I got the receipt and what not then today I get an e-mail stating its on backorder and I will not be charged until it is shipped. Bummer.

    Just wondering if I will ever see it or not? Any experiences with Coach backorders? TIA!
  2. #2 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    From my experience, if Coach can't fill the order they will just send me an email to cancel the item I ordered. And I never see the one that got canceled shows up on the website again.

    But a few times I got emails notifying me about my backorders. And I got my orders about 4-5 days later, but it was sent from Coach full price store in other state, instead of from JAX.
  3. Thanks Jasmyn! It says that it should be shipped October 18 so I'm hoping I actually get it.
  4. I've had backorder emails a few times, and every single time I got my items and most times even before the backorder date. If they were going to cancel, then you wouldn't have received a backorder date, so no worries hon!
  5. Thanks for the reassurance codegirl!! I definitely don't want to pay ebay prices for one and with my PCE it was only $51. My furbaby will be happy :P
  6. yep. when the item gets in it usually ships. i have never had my money refunded:smile: