Backhanded-compliment feedback for non-payer?

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  1. Long-story short, I've just had a zero-feedback buyer win my auction but then ask for tons more pictures the next day, before paying. I complied, but she ultimately decided that she "could not justify the price for a used bag with so much wear and tear" and asked if she could "cancel her order." I'm a new seller, but have lurked around here long enough to know how to accurately photograph and describe my items, and I feel confident that my listing was honest and forthright. The buyer claims that she didn't know what she was doing when she bid (!!!), and I decided to just go along and cancel the transaction instead of waiting out the nonpayment route because I really didn't want to lose any more time. I have to sell this bag!

    I realize that I am not allowed to leave a negative comment with positive feedback, but is it ever permissible to say something along the lines of, "Buyer was so nice when she asked me to cancel transaction 36 hours after auction ended"? I hate to be passive-aggressive, and I definitely don't want to get into trouble with ebay, but it's annoying that she's wasted so much of my time without consequence.

    Thank you in advance! I've learned so much reading these threads--you all are amazing resources! :smile:
  2. It's not worth it since it will show up as positive feedback and your buyer will go from zero feedback to 100 percent feedback. Many also don't read feedback.
  3. That's an interesting question.

    Although I don't believe that your intended feedback would be perceived as "contradictory," I wouldn't do it. By leaving feedback and since you can only leave positive, you are building a positive feedback score for a non-payer.

    I understand why you did what you did but the only way from non-payers to learn and get appropriate sanctions from ebay is to follow through on the non-payment dispute and give them a strike if they don't pay.
  4. You can reply to feedback left. Do not leave her feedback.

    You can be factual in your response. I did it when some nutcase stated her daughter bought my LV and I let mom out of it. She left me positive feedback and I replied with some type of remark about how she stated her daughter bought it and was a NPB. Let's others know it's a scammer.

  5. Thank you all for your replies! I guess I will have to fight the urge to have the last word. I doubt she will leave me feedback. Hardly anyone seems to, even when a sale is perfect, and I was quite stern with her when I replied. I wasn't rude, but if she has any conscience at all, she feels bad for what she did. Or at least I hope she does. :biggrin:

    For future reference (because I'm sure this will happen to me again!), do I have to wait the full 4 days after filing the unpaid item case before relisting or asking about a second-chance offer?
  6. You shouldn't even be passive-aggressive in fb because if the buyer calls to complain eBay will remove it and you'll be the one who gets a strike on your account. Not to mention he fact that the buyer can still leave you fb when you cancel the transaction. The proper thing to do would be to wait out the NPB process to complete. Since you can't do that you just have to live with the fact that she's getting away with this behavior.

    As for waiting for the NPB process, you can relist if you're sure the buyer won't pay. The only danger is that the original buyer pays after you've already sold the bag to someone else.
  7. Thank you! I've learned my lesson; the next non-payer will be reported to ebay, for sure. I'm terrible about having to have the last word, but I'll keep quiet this time and keep my feedback to myself. It's actually been very helpful just venting here. You all are the best. :smile:
  8. from what you said if she basically lied about your bag and the condition claiming you misrepresented it, I wouldn't count on her feeling bad

    I agree with what you to move on and find another buyer