Backed from small island

  1. I know I probably shouldn't travel at this stage but I really needed a break after 3 weeks of hard work. I was so exhausted and I had to get myself rejuvenated (read: excuse for shopping). :p

    So when the opportunity came, I grabbed it and left on last Fri evening. This would probably be my last trip till birth. :smile:

    Here're some pictures I took from my trip. Thanks for letting me share.
  2. We arrived at about 11pm. There my DH (far right) checking into the hotel.
    DSC01092 tpf.jpg
  3. Which island could that be? :upsidedown:
  4. That's not me, Pursenality. I was the one taking the picture. :biggrin:
  5. ^^Yep, I figured that. That's why I edited my post :p.
  6. welcome back babe !!!
    cant wait to see more pics !
  7. Queenie, did you go to Bali? Is Bali your small island???????:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  8. Oooh Queenie - have you been raiding H in Bali ?? :nuts::nuts:
  9. Snap Medusa. Since your picture thread showing all that fab inventory I think many of us have wanted to raid that store!!
  10. LOL Handybags, bet she got the croc KP & then some......oh Queenie........where are you?
  11. Shopping whilst on holiday is my kind of holiday break. ;) I recall now I thought you posted a HAC in the member's item... :idea:

    Out with it now! :p
  12. You ladies are too smart!!

    What fab inventory have you been posting, Medusa?
  13. It was raining cats and dogs the next day but we had some delicious brekkie nonetheless.
    DSC04377 tpf.jpg DSC04385 tpf.jpg
  14. ms piggy, that HAC was my purchase last year. :p
  15. Oh, yes. Now I remember about the croc KP! So, did you get it, Queenie? :graucho: