Backed from Hong Kong ! Part I

  1. Lovely shopping for Chloe!!

    I've been to Lane Crawford ( big department store), On Pedder ( high end shoe store) and also Chloe shop of course! + many other small import shops selling brand names item.

    I tried to take some pics inside the store but they told me I am not allow to.. so .. i gave up.

    I got a pair of chloe heels at 40% off price and of course my favorite first version cognac silverado python in great condition from a secondhandshop!

    I was so temping to get a betty since it is on sale too ! and I saw a new chloe bag ( not even sure the name) and they have a big " chloe" on the bottom of the bag.. and also the new season tracy bag. dont really impress me at all...

    I saw many lovely color python silverado on sale as well but most of them are large size which i prefer med more..

    enjoy the pics. and I will have other post about my hk trip at the Hermes and General handbag forum.
    DSC00082.JPG DSC00083.JPG
  2. Yikes!!! I've just visited your Hermes thread as well as your General handbags one and I'm seriously in love with you, lol!!! Congrats on all your awesome items! I love the colour of your Silverado and those shoes are fab! 40% off those? Wow! Excellent savings!
  3. Love the little heels and your 'first edition' cognac python silverado. Those first editions are so great looking. Congrats on your Chloe purchases and what sounds like a great trip!
  4. :smile: Congrats on a successful trip! I love your purchases!
  5. Congrats on the chloe purchases!!! :yahoo:
  6. Love your purchases! That silverado is just TDF! And glad you had so much fun!!!
  7. aw, congrats, beautiful! :love:
  8. Thanks everyone, it is my first pair of chloe shoes.. and I will take good care of it.. it is very comfy.

    I've been searching that cognac silverado for a long time since I sold my old one ( cos it was too used). I saw plenty of silverado python at hk at low price around 800-1200 USD with all different color and combination but that is the only cognac i saw so far.
  9. Love your silverado!:love:
  10. :nuts: congrats on your Chloe pieces!!! totally YUM and cute!!!