- great sale on BCBG

  1. BCBG Max Azria Designer Handbags is having a great sale on BCBG handbags.

    All shipping is FREE in the continental U.S.
  2. The LAS104. Is that BCBG's signature bag?

    Has anyone found it cheaper than these prices?
  3. I saw one like that the other day on a "soap." It was brown. Very adorable. I think that Jade would be great for Easter.
  4. yeah the other styles are not as soft and flowy!
  5. I thought the signature purse was real soft.

    What color is Mahogany? Is that dark, almost black?
  6. It is dark but not black more very dark brownish.

    It is soft as soft leather can be.
  7. These really are great prices.
  8. Is this retailer legit? Their website looks a little fishy to me, not a very professional design, the pics are kind of amateur....
  9. I bought the BCBG OCS012 oyster handbag from here for Easter.

    I called her, I believe her name is Nancy, before I bought. She is so nice! She says that she does it out of her basement. It lets her at stay home with the kids.

    She also does the website herself, so nothing fancy. The pictures are what you get.

    Call her yourself. Her phone number is on the contact us section and shipping section along with her address.
    Don't think she would be scamming with her address plastered for everyone to see.

    Anyway, I got my bag and love it.