, REI or Northface 20% disc code?

  1. So winter is fast approaching.... and i need a down coat to survive it! I've been trying to get by with a non insulated thin fleece but it's getting too cold and windy. :upsidedown:

    I need one of those knee length down coats but they are so expensive! =(

    Does anyone have a discount code for , REI or northface with at least 20% discount? that's the most i can afford ... sigh.... :supacool:

    Or anyone working at these places that might be willing to help me get a discount on it?
    I would truly truly appreciate! :shame:

    Thanks! Bubbles
  2. hey max, thanks! i did look at that but there are only 2 knee length down coats and they don't have them in my size =(

    THanks thought!