50% off coupon North Face

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  1. This is great! Thank you. My mom and I were wondering when the best time to go looking for North Face jackets would be. :]
  2. Yes, and everything is already on sale, but it's even further discounted after you add it to your cart! I tested it out with a North Face fleece that was originally $120, on sale for $74.21, and when I viewed it in my cart, the price was $49.98! Will have to load up on Christmas presents now...:smile:
  3. Oh wow, this is great.
  4. I wanted to get a denali fleece, but the color that I wanted is all sold out in woman's M. Does anyone know the equivalent in girls sizes? L? XL?
  5. I have a Youth XL. I'm not exactly sure if it's the equivalent of the S or M in women's, but I love how they're a good deal cheaper. :] If you go to The North Face website, I think they have size charts for both women's and girls' so you can compare that way.
  6. I'm a size S and I can fit the XL girls or L boys. I find the L girls is too short (I'm 5'7").