bAcK!! with many happy colors!!

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  1. Hi all!!!!!!!! Long time no see<< tell that to yourself miss vanilla!!


    mmm well.. i was extremely busy in my first job!! so busy that i didnt have time to spend my first two pay checks :lol: (for those who know my story.. no i didnt get into the masters program!! i went for the job and lived happily ever after!! loooool )
    oh well.. the first pay check went on multiple dinners with family memebers!!:P + my mobile bill :hrmm: ! looool

    the second one.. << cut to the news girl!!!!!!!!!!!:Push:

    yes!! as i was saying.. i finally got myself a new wallet!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :nuts:

    oh i was looking and searching for months for something durable and fresh!! now look what i found!!! <<jumping jumping loool :lol:

    its a lovely Paul Smith WALLET!! my God those colorful stripes can make u happy just by staring at them!!

    EnjoY and tell me what you think? By the way i saw in their store a couple of cute extra sporty men's wallets which make great gifts:cool:
    me miss you guys s:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:o much :cry:
    and miss participating in this wouderful forum..
    paulsmith_1.jpg paulsmith_2.jpg paulsmith_3.jpg paulsmith_4.jpg
  2. Very nice and summery-looking wallet.
  3. great to 'see' you, Vanilla!

    that's a very cheerful wallet :smile:
    wat's the interior like?
  4. like so much your wallet!very cheerful, ag oranGetRee said!
  5. very pretty! Enjoy!
  6. So great for spring/summer....looks like it will put a smile on your face!
  7. awwww thank you all.. you r so sweeet :shame:
    oranGetRee :nuts: how are u doing?!! hope u are fine dear :biggrin:
    here are the interior photos.. mmmm it holds six cards.. and even more if u use the 2 hidden pockets beneath the card slots.. so all in all you have.. 6 card slots.. and two hidden ones (u can fit ur business cards or other papers)
    and a paper bill's place << she is horrible in description!!:wacko:

    the paper bill place.. is lovely with a deep purple color.. :cool:
    its just so cute :love:
    paulsmith_5.jpg paulsmith_6.jpg
  8. I was wondering where you went... welcome back! And cute wallet!
  9. :shame: thank u minicoop.. i was woundering too where i went :cry:
    i am a junior programmer so u can imagine when i get home i dont want to look at the computer one second more!! looool :lol:
    but you guys surely make me come back.. :love:
  10. Welcome back, and congrats on your new wallet (and job)!
  11. Love, love, love it! I love anything with stripes. Seriously.
  12. Thanks SuLi :biggrin:
    abandonedimages me tO:huh::huh::huh: :biggrin: i am thinking of getting myself a bag with stripes like these hopefully soooon perhaps if Paul Smith had one i'd fall in love with :amuse:
  13. Oooh! I super love Paul Smith's stripes! I love your wallet! It's so nice to know that there are PF members who also adore PS.
  14. vanilla_addict!
    I have a shoulder bag and a weaved belt with PS swirls on it, the swirls are also beautiful IMO. :biggrin:

    Falling in love already? :amuse:
    pas bag 2.jpg ps bag 3.jpg ps bag.jpg
  15. I like how summery it is! Very pleasing to the eye!
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