Back with a new bag

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  1. Well ladies...I wasn't online here for a whil...but now I'm back...with a new bag..:graucho:
    Finally I could'nt resist, was love at the first sight when I saw the lookbook for spring this since yesterday she's mine very personal valentines gift...for myself ( but don't worry...DH made a present too...;) )


    so here she is...Marcie Hobo in Nutmeg...

    some detail-shots...



  2. Wow, that is GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!:woohoo::yahoo:
  3. It's gorgeous! I saw it in Chloe boutique last week too. Really captivating.
  4. Wow- like this a lot! Is it more of a khakish color? It looks more tannish and it is really pretty!
  5. Stunning, beautiful! OK, it's official, the Marci is on my wishlist! Mod shots, please!!
  6. Very nice! I like that the handles are slightly darker. Is this the small or large Marcie?
  7. :woohoo::woohoo:ohhhhhhhhh congrats - the nutmeg marcie is tdf :heart:
  8. Ooooo....I love this bag!!!

    It's funny, I never gave the Marci much thought when I began to look at Chloe bags a while ago but then a few days ago I saw a photo of one on a model and it was like I was seeing the same bag for the first time...and I fell in LOVE with it!

    What a lovely Valentine's gift! Enjoy! :heart:
  9. She's gorgeous. Colour is TDF. Congratulations.
  10. I'm so confused about the sizes of these bags - is this the bag that's $1595 on Nordstrom's or the larger size one for $1790? I love it ...congrats!
  11. Gorgeous colour and gorgeous bag!!!
  12. Thank you ladies...:hugs:

    This is the larger one...personally I think the small one is too small for me...I took modelling shots today before I took her out...will upload them soon...
  13. Okay- just called my boutique is this color Nut? Or Noisette? I really love this color, and my SA said they have the color "Nut"....same one?
  14. This is the most delicious looking bag I've seen in months! Congratulations!
  15. this is gorgeous - love those close up shots showing the amazing detail. Congrats girl