Back with a bag! How'd I do with my first purse shopping trip?

  1. I had about twenty minutes to kill and decided to go to TJMaxx and just see if I could find something to replace the sad handbag I've been carrying around.

    They had a lot of Emilie (they looked cute - some fun pink ones but I have no idea if they're any good?), Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger and that sort of thing, and a couple of Coaches and Marc Jacobs. I liked a few of them but with the house renovation keenly in my mind and keeping me frugal, I went with a Tignanello...

    My camera's not up and running, but I found the bag on their website:

    It has the tags on it for $139 (I know that's pocketchange compared to the big designers but remember I'm a neophyte!) and the TJMaxx original price was $69 but the marked down price? $29. Sweeeet!

    I can totally see how easy it is to collect all sorts in different colors....but this is probably really problematic for me as I have over 60 bottles of perfume (and hundreds of decants and samples) and can see the same addiction happening here! :wtf:
  2. LOL welcome to the dark side of handbag collecting.... Pull up a chair stay awhile... Oh your wallet??? please promptly leave that at the cash wrap....

    Cute bag great deal...
  3. thats super cute, and a great price!
  4. Cute bag and what a steal!
  5. Very nice bag and what a price. You did very well!:yes:
  6. Very cute bag and at a fabulous price! Congrats, post pics when you can!
  7. Really cute bag!! Also...where did your name come from (Merrick)???
  8. Very cute bag!

    Welcome & you can't go back now!! :graucho:
  9. Docha' LOVE a trophy buy?
  10. What a great buy, congrats
    Wish the TJ Max or Marshalls around here had steals like that
  11. Congratulation...and, it isn't the amount of money you is your style and preference! I spent 5.95 last night on a Ralph Lauren tote...regular 45.00. I was a bit nervous at first b/c I love Hermes items..but don't own any...and everyone has been so welcoming and nice here...a lot of real Ladies and a few Gentleman...which is rare on the welcome!!! Kiley
  12. Good deal on that, very nice.
  13. Great deal! My mom has a purse from that company, which she has had for quite a few years, and it still looks brand new!
  14. adorable bag! and with all your collecting it sounds like you will have a closet full of bags soon and empty checkbook..
  15. You did fantastic on your first shopping trip! The bag is lovely and what a great price. You should be proud of yourself. You have a stylish bag and didn't break the bank. I've seen Tignanello bags and the leather is very good quality. That's the most important, good quality, not price. Congratulations and enjoy your bag!