back @ Vegas Hermes AGAIN----feb 07'!!

  1. DH and i arrived late last night. checked in @ bellagio and had 30 min left b4 store closing, so we went downstairs to check out the store and say hi to my SA. amazing, but it was DH's idea to go to H!!! "so honey, do u wanna go down to H to see if there's anything interesting??" OOOOMMMMGGGG!!! well H*LL yea of course!!!! so off we went. they had one 28cm choc box sellier kelly with PH, a 30cm black mate croc with diamonds birkin, a blk lizard JPG clutch with diamonds ($16k), and TONS of garden parties. then today after DH won some $$$ at the BJ tables, we went for a lil shopping trip. bought a pair of chanel patent wedge shoes (with the quilted cork heels) and then hopped on over to H again. my SA brought out a beautiful 30cm birkin for me from the back but it was PH and i'm only interested in GH. so i had to turn it down. anyway, will be back again tomorrow. our host is sending us on a real shopping spree over at caesar's tomorrow, so even though there's no H, let's see what esle i can score over at the forum shops. nite nite for now.....
  2. lucky girl, have fun over there!!!
  3. woo hoo PBC... I hope you score some more GH H goodies then!!!!
    Perhaps another birkin!!! Hehe....
    have lots of fun and keep us posted!!!
  4. Have a great time, PBC! Here's wishing your DH loads of luck at BJ table. And may you have a wonderfully great time shopping at Hermes! V Day is just around the corner!:graucho:
  5. oh no....are you going to pocket your dh's chips again when he is not looking?:graucho:
  6. wow. what color/leather was the 30 birkin?
  7. Have fun! I hope you and C get to meet up too!
  8. Sounds like a great night was had by all! Good luck at the tables/Forum shops!
  9. Have a great time!
  10. Hope your DH wins loads at the casino!!! And happy shopping for you.
  11. Happy shopping - looks like good karma so far!
  12. Have tons of fun PBC! and have tons of luck PBCDH!
  13. Ooooh have fun :biggrin: I hope you come back with some more goodies!! And you must show them to us :biggrin:
  14. Have fun PBC! I love your Vegas updates!
  15. Have a great time!! Please send us more updates.... :yes: