Back to the Balenciaga city tote- what color and what giant hardware?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I am new to the forum....but thanks to you I have some amazing bags!! ( Just got a BE, Take me anywhere in Light Grey). I am looking for a BBag City tote and can't decide on color, silver or gold hardware, and giant versus original. I am pretty sure I want the giant. Any recs? Do you think the giant hardware is as classic as the original? Thanks!!!!
  2. One of the mods will probably move this to the Balenciaga area but before they do--I LOVE the giant hardware (gold) but they are too pricey for me but some day, I will get one--lucky you on your search and Welcome Aboard tPF!
  3. I personally prefer the regular hardware, and I do think it is more classic than the GH. As for color, the black city is always a classic, and I love red cities. Balenciaga also has some amazing blues. There are so many great colors to choose from. What colors do you already have, and what colors do you like?
  4. I prefer the regular hardware. I have a plomb city which I love! It's a steel grey/blue/black color.
  5. I also prefer the regular hardware.
  6. regular hardware girl myself =)
  7. Woohoo, we're TMA twins ... I also have a BE TMA in light grey, such a gorgeous bag! As for which hardware, I do prefer the regular hardware. However, there are certain colors that just look stunning with GH (I have a truffle GGH part-time ... love the color combo). I guess it just depends on the color you're planning to buy;)
  8. love the giant hardware, gorgeous!!
  9. I like both the RH and GH, but i think giant hardware is likely to go out of style faster than the regular. I'd say go for something bright, because thats the most fun part of having a bbag!
  10. Giant hardware in silver.....
  11. I have the green with giant gold hardware and love it! I get complimented every time I wear that bag. I say go for the giant hardware just to be different!
  12. Balenciaga has so many colors to choose from. What colors are you interested in? GSH (Giant Silver Hardware) or GGH (Giant Gold Hardware), really depends on which color of bag you are looking at.

    You could go to Balenciaga subforum to check the current season colors and see which color you like. Don't go beyong Spring/Summer 2007 since those colors are getting rare and you probably don't have many to choose from. If you tell us what color you are buying, we should be able to give your our suggestions.

    Good luck!
  13. I prefer the regular hardware, more classic less flashy. but i think the gold hardware looks chic with a black bag for nights..
  14. Thanks ladies!
    I have a Grey BBag Motorcycle from 2005 which I rarely carry so I am looking for something different. I have a cream quilted MJ, a BE TMA in light grey, a patent quilted Miu Miu, a Gucci Brown Horsebit Hobo, and a MJ Venetia black with gold hardware. Will the Black BBag with GGH or GSH be better? Or shall I consider a blue? Or another BBag style? I like classics that I will have forever. I know that is too much info but thanks!!!!
  15. Looks like you like neutral colors. I think a Black GGH City or Part Time would be very beautiful, but it is flashy too. If you don't want to stand out too much, then go with GSH. You won't go wrong with either one. 2008 Sahara is gorgeous too and it has great leather. But Sahara is a light color so may require higher maintenance.

    Balenciaga has Electric Blue and Turquoise in 2008. But those two colors are very sharp and you should see then IRL to decide. I also like Ocean Blue and Antracite, but they are getting rare since they are last year's colors.

    Which style? I'd recommend you start with City, the most popular style in BBag.