Back to School?

  1. Oh summer's almost over and its time for school again (soon). So this means less time on tPF :sad: But I miss school because I hate working Im so glad fulltime summer days are almost DONE!

    Just curious I notice many are students but since I am relatively new here (joined in July) I would like to know what is everyones major, location, institution?

    As for myself Im majoring in Geography, in Vancouver B.C., in SFU.
  2. I'm a nursing major from Florida International University and I start Monday also! Where do you work? I am a k - 12 tutor.

    I like this thread!!
  3. Ilovecoach: hehe glad you enjoy it. I work at an insurance company. I practically sit all day and watch purseforum every day at work ! :P
  4. I'll be a freshman majoring in Biology at Adelphi University in New York:yes:
  5. i just graduated with my degree in special education in may, [yes, at 19 lol] but ill be going back to school in vancouver, bc. to take psychology specific to children with special needs for one term. then off to work at VSB.
  6. this Fall will be my FINAL SEMESTER peeps!!!:yahoo:

    i got to school at the State University of New York at Buffalo. i'm majoring in Communication, minoring in French and Linguistics, and have Certificates in Journalism and Vocal Performance :wtf:. it took me 4.5 years to complete all that, and i'll be 22 in December :crybaby:
  7. I'm done with college and grad schools and starting in September (4th), I'm going for a certification in corporate coaching. I'm doing part one, the core classes, and I'll go for my associate certification next year. After that, it'll be the advanced program and my professional certification! I think it'll take about 2-3 years, but that's ok. I've accepted that I'm a lifelong student. :wlae: At least these classes are by phone, so I don't have to sit in a classroom!
  8. ILoveCoach, you go to FIU? I was this (imagine the dots are my fingers . .) close to going there. I am so desperate to live in Miami. My BF is up for a job in Tampa, so it's sorta like Miami, but not quite.
  9. I am a rising senior attending Brown University. I am a psychology major...and ALMOST 21...almost
  10. I started this previous Monday (some of you already read my post about it ... hah!) and I'm a masters student at Florida Atlantic University in the Educational Technology program. I graduated from there a year ago with my bachelors in elementary education. I miss summer too! :biggrin:
  11. I'm a 2nd year grad student in psychology at Notre Dame (GO IRISH!)
  12. I'm a second year grad student studying Central and Eastern European Studies (focusing on Russian & Ukrainian 19th & 20th Century literature) at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA.

    Two semester & one Master's thesis left! Yay!

    Batgirl0711: How do you like Brown? It's one of the schools I'm applying to for my PhD.
  13. I love Brown. The academics are amzing, professors are great, but the weather is gross.
  14. I'm a sophomore business admin/pre-law major at Oklahoma City University... a small private liberal arts school. It's often overlooked, but excellent school. And its very prestigious in the arts (and business, of course!)
  15. I'm still in high school! This is going to be my senior year. I plan on going to FIDM for college, I want to major in Merchandise Marketing