Back to School/Uni Next Week...Anyone Else Dreading It?

  1. lazy butt has to go back to school on Tuesday! husband says I do nothing all day...but I worked over the summer darnit!

    I had a pretty productive summer...I finished my masters (even after it got lost when my harddrive crashed and my backup was 2 months old).....almost finished a project I was working (will be done with weekend)....finished compiling data for another research project.

    I completely finished renovating my basement and my upstairs closet.

    I am having a garage sale this weekend to clear out the crap.

    But I really like sitting at home all day and working and not having to get up and physically go to school LOL
    Now I'll be at school 5 days a week...endless meetings, 2 classes, I'm teaching 2 classes as well.

    Football season starts next week too...which basically consumes my entire Saturday...and our team (Irish) is gonna probably suck really bad this year.

    Anyone else got the 'Back to School blahs'?
  2. Me, me, me. I registered for a course that I don't have to do but I thought I might which starts at 9am 2 days a week - yikes!
  3. ohhhh merika...I hate those early morning classes! Both my classes (I think they are my last PhD classes) are 3 PM....but the classes I teach are 10:40 and then early afternoon.

    So much crap to do before it starts...and then this semester I have to write up a grant proposal (which will be my prelims and dissertation proposal)!! Yea....and 3 conferences this year to present at...and trying to get out about 5-6 publications! This year is gonna be bad LOL
  4. I do... ugh, Im going to start grad school for my masters.. its only 2 night per week, so cant be that bad..
  5. Ugh. It's a advanced graduate class (Quantum Theory of Fields) which I do NOT want to be studying, especially at 9am. It's also taught by a very tough prof.......I am dreading this....
  6. I'm going back to school on October 1 and I'm kind of on the fence. I'm happy because I'll actually be able to get out of the house and be around my peers, but I'm sad because I'll have to leave my baby behind for a few hours each day :sad:
  7. Well, crossed fingers I pass my re-sits which I failed by 2 marks on two papers! =(
    Then I will be going into my 2nd year of my dentistry degree. I can't wait to get back! This year its cranio-facial biology! Yay! lol, no the only reason im happy about it is that we get to be hands on, well kinda with patients! Like learn how to give Local anaeasthetics to poor volunteers!:woohoo::devil: (aka our friends in class!)

    And Twiggers and Merika feel sorry for me please!
    My timetable has been and still is 9-5/6 EVERYDAY!!!:shocked:
  8. You went to Notre Dame?! :O I want to go there!!

    I start high school on Monday..blegh...and so far I have 0 classes with any of my friends.
  9. Wow, Twiggers, congrats and you rocked out with your Masters and so many other projects!!

    Yeah I've got that back to school vibe over here too as I go back to work the day after Labor Day! Believe me, after almost two months out of work I'm SO HAPPY to be getting back to the office...not just for financial reasons obviously but for interaction, teamwork...but I'm going to miss daytime posting with you guys!!
  10. Man, me too! I start on Monday, and I have classes five days a week start at 8 a.m. and finished at 1:00 p.m., and then I start work at 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. Every day hopefully not weekenends! But you know, I actually missed school!
  11. I'm looking foward to going back to school in a few weeks (just a little nervous). I'm super close to finishing grad school:yahoo:.
  12. I started uni this week! It seems like fun and the classes doesn't seem too hard (and I also got an excuse to buy a new LV :graucho:) BUUUUUT I have to get up early every day! One day classes starts at 9, the rest of the week they start at 10. But yeah, I think this semester will be good.
  13. I'm going back on Sept 3rd, I CANT WAIT! I've been so bored over summer, can't wait to see all my friends every day again, cuz some of them don't live close!

    Got so much work to do before we go back though! :sad:
  14. Guess where I am right now. Yeah, I'm in the school cafeteria enjoying some lovely institution goulash. The only thing I did all summer was lounge by the pool. So I am hurting right now.

    I have this one class where the subject matter is soooo boring!!! And to make matters worse, the professor looks and talks exactly like Ben Stein. Snoozefest. I'm so bummed. :sad:
  15. i start uni again next week BUT it will be my last year. Then after that, corporate america! I am dreading this year and especially this semester because I am finishing up my major in Finance and I am taking a weekend class (only class I wanted that was available). Also, I am starting to do interviews this semester for jobs, which is getting really hectic and im scared senseless.