back to school shots

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  1. my son just heard me on the phone talking to the docotrs office about shots now hes scared
  2. Tell him that you will take him to do something special when it is all over.
  3. It is even harder when they can tell you they don't want the shots... Kam goes back in 2 months and I am already dreading it. Try not to make a big deal out of it and explain that everyone in his class has to get them to go back to school. Tell him he is a big boy and he is very brave and strong for getting them!
  4. hes going to grade K
  5. My daughter is going to go to kindergarten as well and I am dreading having to take her! As far as I know it's the booster for chicken pox that she is going to have to get. All you can do is explain that it will be over before he knows it and reward him with a special lunch or a trip to his favorite store?
  6. When I was a kid we rarely got ice cream or McD's or went out to eat, so my mom always took my sister and I out for a special lunch or ice cream treat right after getting shots so we had something to look forward to.
  7. we are all going to a movie after