back to sanity, and a question about signature stripe totes

  1. I had it in my head that I was going to save for an LV Speedy. I realized today that that's silly. I'm only 20, I make minimum wage, and I live in a middle class area in the Midwest. Do I really NEED a $600 bag? That's why I have come back to my LOOOVE for Coach, and decided to appreciate the beauty and value of the brand before *possibly* moving on to higher-end pieces when i'm older. That being said, i'm glad i'm back. Looking at a LARGE bag that's $250 instead of a damn...coin's refreshing. (not saying that I think the other prices are stupid, but they just aren't realistic for me)

    Question! The Signature Stripe Tote...when it's fully loaded, do the handles dig into your shoulder? I would just like to know before I decide which bag I would want to buy. It's between that, or the large Carly.
  2. I have the large striped tote and love it -- and I LOAD it up when I carry it! The straps do not "dig" into my shoulders, but I am aware of them when the bag has say -- 5 bottles of water in it that I'm bringing to work for the day. :smile:

    I just bought the large Carly on PCE and am returning it today... love the bag - just love it. But all that hardware is 'heavy looking' for me and it just bothered me...
  3. In the past year I've owned both a large signature stripe tote & a large carly, and the carly was by far the more comfortable. The carly is currently one of a few bags in my school bag rotation (holds water bottle, binder, lunch, sweater, etc)... tried to include the signature stripe tote in there but the straps were too skinny. In fact, I don't even own it any more because it was so huge that I ended up loading it up with stuff, but not comfortable with that much stuff in it.

    ETA: congrats on your decision to put your speedy on hold... I think that's a wise decision & you'll love your new Coach bag (whichever one you get) :smile:.
  4. the sig stripe totes are WONDERFUL! very roomy, very light (even when they're stuffed) and i have never had the straps dig into me.
  5. I have one and the straps haven't dug into me or bothered me at all. Hope this helps.
  6. I have both the Carly and the Sig Stripe, they are both fabulous bags! The Sig Stripe when "fully loaded" does not dig into your shoulder. One quick thing to consider, do you mind the opening on the Sig Stripe? I only ask because you can't zip it shut like you can with a Carly. Some people don't like having their purse open in fear that someone will just stick their hand in there and take their wallet or other goodies! Good luck choosing! ;)
  7. Hmm, maybe I just have hypersensitive shoulders? :p