back to riveting...

  1. I keep on coming back to the riveting bag...

    Now I want the ecru..look how pretty it is (picture borrowed from BagAngel)


    Ahh.. should I just bite the bullet and get it? Or should I get a epi ivory and the quilted leather bag instead? :confused1::s
  2. Get it get it get it! At first I didn't like them but then I saw them in person and it was love at first sight! You can always get the epi and the quilted stuff reminds me of Marc Jacobs bags (not that there's anything wrong with that). This one is just so pretty and unique...go for it!

    I'm dying for the black :drool:.
  3. I think the Ecru looks amazing!
  4. get
  5. I saw it today and it was gorgeous...I would get it.
  6. Ohhhh gorgeous!!!!