Back to my 25 /30 dilemma

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  1. hey hey everyone

    So I am back to my speedy 25 vs 30 dilemma. Just to fill you in I really wanted a mono speedy 30 and just got one because i was selling my mono 25 on ebay which i did!! I started to use my new speedy and guess what the girl never paid me for my 25( but dont worry i havent sent it out yet)!!! Now in the meantime i realized how much i loved and missed my 25...i dont know freakin call me i emailed the girl and i told her i need to know whats going on by tonight because she asked me to end the auction early and its been a week and has not paid my question is obvioulsy the 30 has to go back if she dosent pay me but the azur speedy i am getting for christmas should be a 25 or 30??? so confused :confused1:
  2. 30
  3. 30 Seems to work better for you...

    and...a tip...

    never end an auction early because somebody "says" they will buy...seems lots of "buyers" end up being "liars"....:shrugs:
  4. 25 - it's a cute size. :yes:
  5. im getting 25 for xmas !!:smile: :heart:
  6. 30 :yes:
  7. I vote for 30:yes:
  8. 30
  9. Go with the 30, a 25 is too small unless your using it for a night on the town, imo.
  10. 25
  11. 25 is perfect, fits all the daily essentials, (cell phone, ipod, wallet, umbrella lol, makeup bag, camera, etc.) and still has room to spare for a little book even with all that stuff !
  12. and it is sooo soo cute !
  13. 25!
  14. love both!
  15. Well if you have started yo use your momo speed 30, i doubt they will return it. In that case I would see the speedy 25 mono and replace it with the Azur speedy 25.I think its cuter