Back to MAC?

  1. Hi everyone,

    It's been awhile since I bought anything from MAC. I am wondering if any of you know whether or not they still have their back to MAC recycling program? (Bring back 6 containers and get a free lipstick). Thanks.

  2. yes they are! :smile:
  3. Some counters now allow you to choose from the Lip Gelee's too. Just ask the Makeup artist if they do it there.
  4. yes! recycle ..its a pretty thing
  5. Go to the MAC store if one is near you, than you can pick anything in exchange for the recycling. The MAC inside Nordstroms only allows you to pick out a lipstick.
  6. Is this done at all MACs worldwide ?

    thanks !
  7. ive always wondered is it alll ontianers or jsut specific thigns?
  8. I think its all of the mac containers because I have returned blush containers and their stick foundations containers also.
  9. I was told everything except the containers they give you to test a product out counts including sharpeners.
  10. almost all containers (eyeshadow & blush pots, lip items, mac wipes and cleaners, pigment jars, shadesticks, nailpolishes, paints, you get the idea) can be recycled to all stores for a lipstick. if you go to a free standing or pro store and give your info to put in their computer system, then you can exchange ur 6 empties for an eyeshadow, lipstick, lipglass, or lip gelee (but i have heard some stores do not like to give out the gelees for some reason? mine gave it to me no probs). hth!
  11. oooooo thats sooo good to know. would love a lip gelee
  12. Is there a limit to take in? Is it only 6 items at one time?
  13. My local mac doesnt have a limit, I took 12 items in once and got 2 lipsitcks.
  14. Yes :smile:
  15. no... unfortunately, there are still some countries (like Austria) which don't have B2M, ask your local counter/shop to be sure. Even though we do recycle a lot we don't have B2M, so I have to save up my empties for travelling to B2M countries ^^