Back to Coach for the holidays?

  1. Last year I worked for Coach during the holidays and loved it. Bought practically the entire Legacy line and loved my coworkers and managers. Today I went in to buy a replacement for my planners and they asked me to come back this year! I think I might just do it. I love their stuff too much not to. Am I crazy to take on a second part-time job? But it's Coach!:s
  2. Not crazy at all! Go for it!
    I can't wait to start working for the Coach boutique in my area this holiday season. I've been waiting for this opportunity ever since I turned 18 and my mom would let me have a job. The last job I had was at Nordy's, which pales in comparison to Coachy!
  3. i was thinking about this myself - call me crazy - my classes end soon and then i can just go from my full time to the part time - like i still have classes going on right?
  4. You'd be crazy NOT to!!! I would love a holiday job at Coach!!!
  5. take it!!!
  6. They said I could be a key dates person, and so wouldn't be too overwhelmed. I think I just might have to!
  7. what is that?
  8. ^^(I think) it's someone who works on the busiest and craziest days, the days SAs are needed most.