Back to Chloe again after a long break....REVEAL

  1. I haven't bought a Chloe bag for about 4 years.......I have mainly purchased Chanel, LV, Balenciaga & most recently Celine but this Chloe bag caught my eye & I love the colour as its a perfect neutral.

    Chloe Paraty....MASTIC


    Thanks for letting me share :biggrin:
  2. Wow!!! Congrats!!!! May i know if theres any olive undertone???
  3. Ooh...very pretty. Yet another great Chloe neutral color!! Enjoy her - she's lovely!
  4. she is gorgeous - I love this neutral colour! Makes a nice change from Bal buying!! :p
    modelling shots please?
  5. How very pretty! Congratulations :woohoo:
    And yes, we do need modelling!
  6. Hi S now what are you doing in the Chloe Forum :graucho::graucho:......Have we converted you lol.....Mod pics to follow x
  7. Hi DD I'll take some pics soon ;)
  8. Love it!! SUCH a gorgeous color... she's perfect!! :love:
  9. Gorgeous bag K. Beautiful leather. Beautiful colour. Bet it looks gorgeous on you.
    J x
  10. What a gorgeous neutral! Enjoy!
  11. Mastic is magical!! Such a beautiful neautral colour! :love: Looking foreard to seeing your mod shots ;)
  12. Perfect color!
  13. Truly beautiful neutral! Even though it's light, Chloe leather is so durable and stain-resistant, it should stay perfect for you.
  14. Love the colour and I love the paraty it's a winner. Chloe has a way of making you come back I find.
  15. Yes I think it has got olive undertones :smile: