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    i love her bag?:drool:
  2. I love her bag too!!!

  3. I saw this, poor thing cant seem to make up her mind on how she want's to present herself ! :confused1:
  4. And good for her, cause she looked terrible with dark hair.
    Her bag is gorgeous.
  5. It's about time. It wouldn't have been so bad if she wouldn't have gone THAT dark. But it was much too dark for her coloring IMO.
  6. I like her hair better this way! Her bag is awesome, is that Fendi??
  7. sure looks like a fendi purse to me...
  8. i like that much better, pretty coat!
  9. I love her look, she is so stylish.
  10. Love the jacket.
  11. she looks much better here! I love that purse! lol! She is so stylish!
  12. I hate to sound stupid, but...who is that? One of the Olson twins?
  13. Fendi bag... must be a new one!!!
  14. She looks much better as a blonde ! :yes:
  15. love the jacket!