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  1. Presenting the "chevron" flap from last fall and the little charms necklace. It was :heart: at first sight with the chevron. It's so soft and the clasp is both elegant and easy to close (magnetic). Do I need another black bag? :yes:

    The charms necklace, another piece I'd been eyeing since last year. It's back for '08, slightly more expensive.

    Last, but not least (no pics yet as they came out blurry), the black single band ultra ring with diamonds.



  2. Hi jmen, Love Love your chevron flap - gorgeous. The necklace looks nice too.
    Thanks for sharing!
  3. That bag is a piece of art!
  4. Gorgeous chevron flap.:love:
  5. awww they're soooo very pretty! i love the flap but ur necklace is TDF!
  6. Beautiful bag!!
    I have that necklace! Bought it last year and absolutely love it!! You can wear it with ANYTHING!! Great choices!!
  7. Wowwww, the necklace looks fabulous! Could you do some modeling pics for us? Hehe would love to see that ultra ring too!!
  8. Lovely bag and necklace.
  9. Congratulations on your Chevron flap and lovely necklace! Can't wait to see your black ultra ring!
  10. nice purchases, love the necklace....Congrats!!
  11. that necklace is so yummy
  12. OMG - they're soooo gorgeous, I LOVE the closure on the chevron bag. Congrats !
  13. The bag is beautiful, and your necklace is adorable - great choices!
  14. Lovely Judy, just lovely....
    cant wait to see the ring
  15. whoa, very gorgeous, congrats