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  1. Ok we all know no one does color as beautifully as H.. But this is a thread for the lovers of all the beautiful H neutrals! Bring on your pics of all Hermes natural, saddle leathers (Barenia, Vache natural), natural box calf,Veau Mirror,etc...Even the boardline neutral/naturals like the new Biscuit, and Tea with milk and mocha...Let's see all those gorgeous bags,accessories, saddles and boots!!!

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  2. Here are also a Barenia bear key charm and a Natural Bolide travel cosmetics bag...
    I forgot to add the details of the bags shown at the begining of the post..all are vache natural HACs Vintage 32cm HAC 23 years old, HAC 36cm nearly new, H&H's VN HAC 32cm on holiday with my HAC VN 36cm...

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  3. What colour is the 3rd bag, I didn't even know H did a colour/leather like's stunning, reminds me of a vintage sportscar
  4. Here's my Barenia 35 Birkin PHW with twillies!

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  5. Oh dear, this is really "turning the knife in the wound"......!!!! I can only post a pic of my lost Vache Naturelle Birkin:crybaby:for now, until the new one arrives......And I hope to be able to post my Barenia as soon as it gets back from the spa, hoping it DOES....:s

    Anyway, sadlle leathers and Box are my FAVOURITES!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

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  6. That's what a Vache natural looks like with a full patina :o) The bag is a 23 year old Vache Natural HAC 32cm.:tup:
  7. Gorgeous! Did you keep your VN after all??
  8. Oh Duna, I am soo sorry...I didn't mean to make your wound worse....Hugs!
  9. Thanks Sweetie! Don't you worry, I love seeing these leathers so much, that it's worth a little pang in the heart!;) Thanks for starting this thread!:girlsigh:
  10. Hugs to you Duna!
  11. Docride, thanks so much for starting this thread! Love the natural leathers. I was...umm... stroking the H saddles in the store yesterday and wishing I had a horse so I could justify purchasing a saddle. I'm still doing the rent-a-horse thing in Brooklyn... :lol:

    I'm still thinking about the VN Birkin, but seriously considering selling it so I can get a VN HAC!

    Oh Duna... *big hugs*!!
  13. That must take some serious work to end up looking like's utterly beautiful. I'm guessing this leather requires more than a little TLC?
  14. I am so glad you like it...That was my handy work... :cutesy:
  15. Beautiful bags ladies. I was first afraid of VN and Barenia especially the darkening handles and waterspots. But after seeing a vintage VN HAC, the patina of these leathers overtime won me over.

    I hope to be able to score a barenia or VN 28cm HAC someday.

    duna - Big hugs to you!!! I hope you get your replacement soon.