Back to Bal...but now what? Black work or city?


Black Work or Black City

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  2. black city

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  1. Hi girls after hanging a lot around chloé and now Fendi (can't wait to get my first spy) I am now back here where it all started with a question:

    Should I get a black city or work?

    Some short info:

    I am familiar with both but sold my ink work in the past thinking I couldn't manage without a shoulderhandle. I preferred the city as well as the day.

    But now I find the city a tad too small when I change from day to city I just can't fit it all. Not that I need everything but...
    I do have a 19 month old which meens a lot of extra stuf.

    What do you guys think?
  2. ive been debating between the two also, but The Work won!! personally, i just like my bags roomier.....=)
  3. I voted for the city because you want a shoulder strap. Since you like the day you could get it in black.
  4. welcome back!
    I still like the City better because of the shoulder strap - you might need it sometimes with the "little one".
  5. ^^ you should go for the part-time instead!!!'s a size in between the city & the work & it's got longer handles that stay on your shoulder & a shoulder strap to boot ;)...i'm totally in love with mine & think you'd love it too!!! :heart:
  6. go for the work! seems like you need the space.
  7. I voted for the Work as well, but I may be biased since I'm on the market for a black Work... I am confused-- I thought you could get the handles over your shoulder. Don't they stretch?
  8. Work with GGH - the handles fit just fine!

  9. sounds half/half

    The handles GGH are longer I think but I still think I might prefer the RH over the long run.
  10. I voted the work. I've got a 27-month old and definitely need something larger than a city with him.
  11. If you're set between the Work and the City, I'd say the Work. It's quite easy to get the Work's handles over my shoulders and I'm definitely not what would be classified as slim! =) However, if you're open to suggestions, I'd have to agree with aaallabama and say that the Part-Time is a great in between bag that holds more than the City and has a shoulder strap, too! The GH may make it a tad heavier, so ITA and stick with the RH, too since you've got a toddler to take care of! Good luck with your decision!
  12. I wish I could get RH handles over my shoulder!
  13. I will have to check the parttime out again but I remember not liking the not so deep but rather long format...:s
    Votes turn more to the work might be the better choice for right now, still unshure but getting closer.
  14. ITA - perfect combo between the two!
  15. Cat - welcome back! I voted for city, cuz of the strap. I have a work, and love it, but if I have a coat on, forget about over the shoulder thing! But it does fit all my stuff so much better than the city! Good luck choosing!!!