Back to a short hair cut

  1. Wish me luck. After trying to let my very short Sharon Stone type pixie cut grow out and finally had it styled into a beautiful longer Keira Knightley short hair cut--the bangs were long in my eyes and the sides were longer and I had it shorter around the ears and back. Hey, with short hair 3-4 inches longer is long for us. My goal was to let the top layers keep growing out and have a chin lenght blunt cut. My hair was the perfect cut and color last time I had it done. So I went for a trim and I get totally chopped, I mean layers and the one side actually has a 2 inch chop on the side:tdown:..... The bangs are at my eyebrows. I am beyond depressed and the color is horrible. :crybaby:So tonight I am going back to my other hairdresser who I love but is so hard to get a appt. with. I called her last night and she can take me tonight:yahoo:, I am going back to a short Sharon Stone or Wyonna Rider cut. There is no way to fix my hair, I need to get it cut short. I always loved my short pixie cut that I can just scrunch and have a beach messy look. I just thought after wearing it that way for so long I would grow it out. :confused1:..... So wish me luck, I know my stylist will give me the perfect cut and I will be happy again. This bad cut has really hurt, you know it is bad when you son tells you your hair looks horrible but he didn't want to hurt your feelings......:wtf:
    Anyone else get hair cuts/color from hell????
  2. Good luck, my entire hair history has been one nightmate after another so believe me I understand
  3. No hair hell really except when I coloured it myself and it went orange - I just put a hat on and went out to town to the hairdresser to sort out.

    I just wanted to say that I would love to see a photo of you with short hair as I have short hair too and you don't really see that many people with nice short hair. Everybody in magazines and things have long hair, thats why I was so pleased when Alyssa Milano cut her hair short - now she has grown it again and Kylie is growing hers!!
  4. Oh man. Tell me about it. I've had my share of hair disasters because I'm an obsessive freak lol and when I want something done on my hair I can hardly wait!! This is where disasters come in.. most of the time I can't wait to be able to drive down for 4 hrs to my stylist (which has known me since I was 2yrs old) and I'll go to any cheapo salon here. Right now my hair is still suffering from ugly bangs. I told the lady to make them a little spiky (like, uneven if you know what I mean) and now I look like I'm balding. They're very scarce. :cursing: